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This online diary is intended to be open honest and quite revealingly candid.


SEPTEMBER 21st 2022

I am struggling to type this, my vision has taken a turn for the worse, so much so that I have had my drivers licence suspended. I tested 20/100 so my licence was taken from me. I do recieve a needle in both eyes every month, this to try and halt the macular degeneration progression. But it slowly progresses never the less.

I can no longer see the monitor well enough to read things, even with the font set at the largest setting it is still difficult and I have to resort to a strong magnifing glass. Looks like the end of working and the end of photographing things as everything is quite out of focus for me.


MAY13th, 2022

It has been awhile since I posted in my diary, honestly didn't feel like doing so. The war perpetrated by Russia on Ukraine and the dire situation of American democracy has upset and depressed me. The fact that we here in the West are sitting back and allowing the Ukrainian slaughter to continue is beyond me. The only thing a bully like Putin will respect is being given a bloody nose and two black eyes.

I really do not think Putin would be stupid enough to use his nuclear arsenal. The main excuse the American president is hiding behind to avoid doing anything substantive. Putin using the nuclear option would mean swift retaliation and thus suffering from devastating consequences of his own. Our western leaders need to grow backbones. Joe Biden appears particularly weak and ineffectual, basically he is a sissy at heart. It seems to me that all Democrats are weak willed like this. Just look at how they are dealing with the January 6 storming of the capital.

The leaders of that rebellion, including Trump, should have been rounded up immediately and thrown in jail for trying to overthrow a legitimate election.. Instead they will, under the whish washy wimpy Democrats, get away with and suffer virtually no meaningful repercussions. Just watch the outcome of the hearings, they will be found out to be "bad boys" and consequently deserve no more than a slap on the wrist.

You see the Republicans in general have an aggressive mind set just like Putin does, so in reality you cannot pussy foot around with them. They need to be soundly put in their place and only toughness will do that. It is obvious they no longer respect the democratic state, and wish to over turn it. If the American people wish to maintain their democracy, the insane Republicans need that same bloody nose and two black eyes. If that is not done, American Democracy is going to revert to an autocratic way of governance. Most probably with that major idiot Trump at its head.


JANUARY 28th, 2022

Here we are in another year, wonder what it will bring? Looks too me like America the country, appears to be on the verge of a nasty internal divorce. As both the left and right thinkers can't seem to agree on anything. The American government on the right is completely obstructionist, two Democratic senators are on the Republican payroll, that's no way to run a country. It just marks another milestone in the American democratic experiment's ultimate downfall and eventual dissolution. Benevolent and humane caring capitalism in my mind at least, is a good thing. Unfortunately a profound underlying greed and systemic corruption is going to end up destroying the democratic capitalist led style of governing.

Too much freedom of speech, it turns out is a very bad thing. By allowing the countries online and air waves to be verbally weaponized and used as a right wing staging ground, will only destroy the country from within, it is internal mental decay and intellectual rot, like we are currently witnessing happening to the America dream.

There is a good chance that Trump will become the President once again in 2024, I believe that the odds are in his favour. The Republicans are sneakily and dishonestly preparing to ensure the win. Unless serious charges can be brought against him, as they should be for his disgusting and corrupt conduct. Charges that will prevent him from running and overtly stealing the 2024 election. If the Democratic's think the people wouldn't re-elect Trump once again, they are living in the, that will never happen, "twilight zone". They will surly loose the 2024 election, if it is left up to the hood winked and continually lied to voters.


NOVEMBER 5th, 2021

The United Nation's COP 26 is currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. I fear the truth of it is, nothing will truly result in much being done to curb global warming. The American president made a big thing about going after methane emitters. Capping old oil wells that are leaking methane and insuring that current operations stop emitting methane into the air. All well and good but that is merely a miniscule drop in the climate change bucket and does not even come close to fixing the main problem. Besides the Earth emits copious amounts of methane from the rapidly thawing Northern tundra in our tragically melting Northern regions. The ocean floor is also emitting huge amounts of methane as it also warms up.

Biden always the consummate politician, actually did as little as he could get away with. If the public isn't yet ready for change, any politician that forces change upon them, will quickly get voted out of office. And that's the catch twenty two of our climate dilemma. People in general will only react to something directly threatening, like when they have no choice in the matter and are essentially forced into to doing so.

So the truth is, the general public as a whole really does not want to change how they currently live. Or that they continue to consume animal meat, just an example, from methane farting and belching livestock. Or how they spend their holiday time, flying to exotic destinations in the world. So the politicians as a result do as little as possible in order to keep the status quo in effect. And absolutely nobody is willing to tell the public that the end of our present way of life is only eighty to one hundred years away. Those born at this time will suffer the brutal ravages of global warming in their middle years and many will simply starve to death as the destruction of our biosphere and the ultimate breakdown and inevitable dissolution of our food supply chains inches ever closer.

When the topic came around to the use of thermal coal for the production of energy, those biggest CO2 emitters on this planet, the Americans, Chinese and the Russians were not even at the table. Stopping burning coal and commencing the long drawn phase out of oil and gas would really be accomplishing something. But you can bet that will only happen when it is far too late in the climate destruction day to even matter.

My country Canada always says the right things to the world at large, and at the right times, during the COP meetings. Unfortunately so far it has never followed through on many of it's hollow promises.

That's why I conclude that mass death is coming for most, and for those luckily enough to survive the terrible onslaught of bio destruction, adaptation to the future conditions will be their fate. Incredibly sad for all of the wildlife that will not be able to adapt quickly enough. Shame on humanity for allowing this to happen.


OCTOBER 26th, 2021

It is amazing to see the American political drama being played out daily. It is apparent that their rabid commercial sector, Facebook, Twitter, Fox news and the myriad of right wing radio and online pod casts are in the process of trashing and destroying American style democracy. It looks like the their Government appears to be quite powerless to stop the downward spiral, crash and burn. America is definitely on the decadency and China is on the ascendancy. This coming century will be China's to own, no doubt about it.

What is happening these days in America is merely a symptom of their laissez faire attitude when it comes to "free speech". The right wing's ability to say what ever they want and continually lie and deceive the public is what is leading to political chaos, it will eventually lead to the ultimate destruction of their fragile democracy. In my mind it is just a matter of time now before they morph into an autocratic state or a right wing dictatorship. The truth is, the Republican party are working their way towards that eventual end.

The government seems to be mired in the day to day constant right wing obstructionism to put a stop it. They would have to amend their constitution and I cannot see that happening, especially with a seemingly weak and ineffectual leader that's currently at the helm. You just can't hope things will turn out well, because the current crop of Republicans are more like hard core storm troopers than they are politicians.


OCTOBER 7th, 2021

I have been watching on CNN, the whistle blower testimony that's being given describing Facebooks' intentionally devised, deviously underhanded, criminally driven algorithm tactics, that are being used on children. As I listened a thought came to me, and it's this, a pedophile is somebody that wants to sexually assault your child's body. But what would you call somebody that wants too, in a secretive manner, mentally assault and manipulate your child's mind?

I personally do not see any difference between the two. Both are manipulating children for either personal gratification, or in Facebooks' case, for purposely driven, criminally inspired, corporate profits.


SEPTEMBER 13th, 2021

Hurricane Ida was just a hint of what is on its way in the climate change pipeline. Future hurricanes will continue to become even more damaging with the passing years. I am really not sure that I would be rebuilding in the gulf coast states, doing so is only an invitation for future human disasters to occur. Even if we were to halt all fossil fuel burning today world wide, what we have burned to date will continue to ramp up and adversely affect us until the mid 2050s

The American president saying that we need to curb fossil fuel burning now to halt further damage from occurring, is somewhat misleading. Between now and the 2050s the damage we are going to encounter has already been baked into the biosphere. Anything we do now regarding fossil fuel burning will only help to mitigate the damage from the 2060s and beyond.

There is essentially no way out for us any more but future mass death and for the survivors, adaptation to the prevailing conditions. Sorry to be negatively blunt about it, but it is the truth of what we face.

Here in Canada we are in the middle of an election campaign, September 20 is the date of voting for the election. When the election was called a few weeks ago, the Liberals in a minority government situation were in the lead. That's why they called the election two years early, trying to forge a majority government. They have the best policies when it comes to dealing with the climate change issue. However our carbon emissions have only increased during the Liberals time in power, the past six years. You can have good policies in place but if you do not act on them, one may ask, what is the point of having good policies?

Amazingly the Conservatives have jumped into the lead in the recent polling and guess what, most in the their caucus denies that climate change is caused by humans burning fossil fuels. Idiots abound, they are proposing to build another pipeline to get our dirty oil soaked bitumen from Alberta out to the west coast for shipment abroad. There to be processed into useable fossil fuel products. They will continue to fund and support the fossil fuel industry with huge subsidies. They also want to waste money on carbon capture and storage, this to allow things to continue on like they have been. They just don't get it, things have to change.

So that's why I say there is no hope we are all doomed by our insane ludicrous ping pong politics. Where you have the reasonably decent (and that's debatable) sane people facing off against irrational imbeciles, these idiots are the ones being egged on by the right wing's untruthful stance on issues and hollowed out twisted news. As well as insincere conspiracy based commercial talk radio. These commercial low lives are doing this because it guarantees more listeners and viewers, enabling them to charge more for their advertisements. They are willing to sell the country and the planet down river to make a buck. That's the truth of it.

And let's not forget about the ever present online misinformation sewer that's also doing the same thing. The unscrupulous, those without morals or ethics, in truth that's what it is, are all being guided and driven by hard right wing imbeciles. If it is that which informs your mind, and all you listen too or read about, then that's what you become, a right wing conspiracy believing lunatic. Our freedom of speech laws are biting us back hard and will, if left unchecked and uncontrolled, end up destroying the underlying fabric and foundation of our democracy.

American style Democracy is in the process of being unraveled and ruined by the very freedoms it proudly supports. Democracy ironically only works well when you have an adequately educated law abiding populous. One that's not continually being lied too on a daily basis, by knuckle dragging retarded right leaning online and over air media Neanderthals.


AUGUST 17th, 2021

When you see the apparent incompetent as well as unprepared for American driven fiasco. An embarrassment of incredibly imbecilic decision making at the top level, that's currently taking place in Afghanistan. That's what happens when you elect a long serving politician as your president. Someone that has a well known reputation for making the wrong decisions on numerous issues. Now does anyone really think that we humans collectively will be able to prevent the total biosphere meltdown and certain planetary catastrophe stemming from excessive global warming?

This Afghanistan debacle was caused by one of the world's leading countries incredible f**k up on such a basic issue, that of getting your people out of harms way before you withdraw the troops. Couldn't be simpler could it? Now imagine two hundred countries trying to work together to prevent a major planetary catastrophe occurring from human caused global warming. It is not going to happen, especially if America blunders so badly and can't even execute a safe and orderly pull out from Afghanistan. Then there appears to be no hope regarding the global warming issue. Like everything else it will no doubt be very badly mishandled, you can count on it, leading to ensuing catastrophic mass destructive biosphere consequences.

Some of those biosphere damaging consequences are all ready on their way in the biosphere pipeline, this due to the planetary lag time. The fossil fuel we are burning today will add to the increasing damage of the biosphere in and during the 2050s. What we are seeing today in biosphere destruction, those world wide wild fires, massive flooding, stronger hurricanes and more powerful threatening tornados and thunder storms, are actually stemming from fossil fuels that we collectively burned through to create our power, in and around the year 1985.


AUGUST 10th, 2021

Yesterday the United Nations issued the latest International Panels Climate Change report, it was noted that this will be the last one before we actually reach the 1.5 degree threshold, a level of planetary heating that we are really not supposed to surpass. That's if we want to survive for any length of time on this planet, without occurring major mass casualty catastrophes.

The report relates a damming picture of our current situation and of countries general lack of adherence to the Paris climate accord, when it comes to climate change caused by global warming. However I feel the report makes a huge mistake when at the end it claims there is still time to fix things. This only gives the public false hope and lets countries take the immediate off ramp. Because there is still time, they don't have to move quickly on this issue, so the attitude is, don't worry we will eventually get around to correcting it. Of course by then it will be much to little and way to late. The irreparable damage to the biosphere will have been done.

If you think we collectively will pull a rabbit out of the hat and fix things at the last minute, I am afraid that you are day dreaming. Mass death and adaptation is in our future. The writing is already on the wall of human history on this planet. Greater humanities inability to demonstrate care and compassion for this planet's biosphere, only viewing it as something to constantly molest rape and pillage will lead straight to humanities death knell.

The other insurmountable problem we all face is this, certain major countries do not want to get strict concerning this issue, especially if they perceive that other countries are being lax or not pulling their weight. So our obvious inability to cooperate civically internationally will eventually lead to our global warming provoked fall from planetary paradise. Perhaps a deserving end to our careless fossil fuel powered age.


AUGUST 5th, 2021

It has been rather joyful getting back into the daily rhythm of work, especially after not feeling that well for many months. It is also nice to be able to eat good food once again after existing for so long on a liquid diet. The only thing I could keep down with any consistency.

Summer is just about half over, it has been a good Summer so far with plenty of rain for the garden, no complaints in that regard. It has even been coolish so to speak so far, with not a lot of humidity, good for sleeping at nights with our windows open. We do not have any air conditioning only ceiling fans, which do the job nicely. Where we are located right beside Georgian Bay a very large body of cold water, so we really do not need air conditioning at this time.

However we might require it in the near future, say five to ten years, (hopefully I will survive for that long), especially as the biosphere continues to heat up from global warming. With the prevailing weather patterns becoming more and more skewed and survival threatening in nature. It is happening right now in many places, think of the massive flooding's and those world wide out of control wildfires, it will surely only become much worse with each passing year. The truth is, our elected politicians are virtually powerless to institute the massive changes in our society that we actually require. We have gone down the fossil fuel powered road much too far at this point to just call a halt to it. A fast approaching apocalypse of mass death seems to be inevitable in our immediate futures. For those left surviving the coming fossil fuel provoked hell, adaptation to the prevailing negative conditions will be the only way out of the mess that we humans have created on our tiny life boat of a planet.

Even if we were able to stop all fossil fuel burning today, say a total 100% worldwide halt, sure I know that's a complete impossibility. But just imagine for a few minuets that we could actually do it. So no fossil fuel powered cars and trucks of any kind on the world's roads, no trains, planes or boats of any sort burning fuel. No fossil fuel powered industry and no coal burning power generation. And no fossil fuel fired home heating.

The reality is, the effects of what we have already burned too date, because of a planetary lag time in responding to the yearly influx of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, etc. Which will continue to affect the biosphere for thirty to forty more years. There is basically no way out of this horrible predicament. What really needs to be done is not going to get done. Nobody in the political world has enough guts nor the courage to tell the truth about the dire situation we are in. It is all merely smoke and mirror planning when it comes to saving the planet's biosphere. A political show for the public's comforting consumption.

They put on a display of concern, hold large international conferences on the issue, essentially trying not to frighten and panic the public. They come away from these meetings with complex agreements on what they plan on doing. Countries promise to do this and they will do that, to ameliorate global warming and keep it in check. But the truth is, they are merely beating around the edges of this climate crisis and are not doing what really needs to be done. They simply can't fix it, because to do so would mean destroying the fossil fuel created fabric of our entire civilization. We are all caught in a terrible and unforgiving snare of fossil fuel powered energy that makes the human world actually operate as it does. And that quick and dirty energy source is sadly destroying the planet's life support system, as well as our potential for any long term survival on this planet.

Here is one of the recent photographs I have been working on, it will print out 56X84 inches on 60X90 inch exhibition canvas at 300 DPI..........IMAGE


JULY 14th, 2021

I have begun working again and it sure feels good to be back at it. Of course I took the time and watched most of the soccer matches from the Euro 2020 beamed in from Europe, and of course the Copa coming from South America. Good hard fought games, soccer at its best. Can't wait for next years world cup to begin, it's being held in Qatar, which is located somewhere in Asia.

I have ordered some inks for my Epson 11880, 64 inch printer, but they are back ordered at Epson. So it is a waiting game for them to arrive. Always something!


JUNE 28th, 2021

It has been awhile since I posted in my diary. So here is a short summery of what has been happening in my life during the past number of months. I was quite ill and hospital bound for several periods. Luckily they finally found out the problem that has been plaguing me for so long. Two large stones located in my bile duct were blocking it from functioning properly. It made life impossible at times and severely limited what I was able to eat, essentially restricting me to just liquids that wouldn't come back up as vomit as many things did.

My urine was also red/orange in colour for a long period as the bile having no where to go was spilling into it. It is now nice and yellow like it should be, what a relief!

I am slowly gathering my strength back, truth is I lost sixty five pounds throughout the whole ordeal. We of course were afraid it was the dreaded "C" word, luckily it wasn't.. I had an MRI done on my liver because the blocked bile duct made it appear like my liver was failing. However once the stones were removed my liver returned back to normal functioning. No "C" was found in my liver from the MRI which of course relieved me in that regard as well.

Now I just need to recover my stamina and return to working on some imagery.


APRIL25th, 2021

Well my Roksan Xerxes turntable did finally arrive, I will admit that it was quite hard waiting for it to come. In fact I am currently listening to Beethoven's fourth Symphony as I type this, such a beautiful rich sound! Our garden Daffodils are in full bloom and have been for several weeks now, just waiting for the Tulips to finally bloom. Unfortunately our weather is still on the colder side as of late, down right bitter. Hoping for a warm up sooner, rather than later. The weather is no longer following its usual patterns lately, of course this is due to global warming.

Things are tightly locked down in my province of Ontario because of Covid 19. Nothing much is open but the grocery stores the pharmacies and post office. Curb side pick up is also available from a few places. Sporting events like professional soccer games have been outright banned in Canada. Hockey games are still going ahead because they are in closed off arenas but there is nobody in the stands to watch. The soccer clubs up and moved lock stock and barrel down to Florida to play the games there.

I am amazed to see current sporting events, like soccer occurring in America with actual crowds in the stand. I do wonder exactly what planet that they think they are living on. Some state leaders particularly those none too bright Republican ones, are simply careless and play fast and loose with peoples lives. As Forest Gump famously said, stupid is as stupid does.

On the news this morning it said that Tokyo, Japan is suffering under this third Covid 19 wave, and are in the process of locking things down. Hard to believe that they are still planning on going ahead with the Summer Olympics in August. The most logical thing to do would be to postpone it until next year when most people have been fully vaccinated. Unfortunately commercial interests will as usual dictate events and not sensible human logic.


APRIL 4th, 2021

Nice day today with full sun and 12 C or about 55 F degrees. Things are coming up in the garden so it won't be too long before the Daffodils and Tulips are in bloom, a welcome sight. I am presently dealing with health issues and am going to have an ultrasound and various other invasive tests done in the coming weeks. I am going to have a two for as they called it, an inspection of my colon and at the same time an inspection of my stomach. I told the doctor to please do the stomach probe first and not the other way around, he laughed.

Trying to get to the bottom of the thing that's been causing me annoying discomfort on my left abdominal side. Personally I suspect it is another stomach ulcer, I have had them before years ago, they were bacterial ulcers no doubt picked up during my time working in India, as it happened during that time. I was put on something called Lo Sec to lower the stomach acids and that did the trick at the time.

A week ago I had my first Covid 19 injection, it did leave my left upper arm sore to the touch for a few days. At the time they told me that the follow up booster injection wouldn't be for approximately four months. Give or take on that timing I suspect.

Here is another image from my latest as of yet unnamed series.... IMAGE


MARCH 4th, 2021

Well here we are a bit closer to Spring than we were a few days ago, it is still very cold and quite bitter outside today, and such a big change from yesterday. Because yesterday was beautiful with 10 C and sunshine or 50 F. I did my daily half hour walk outside with just my shirt on and no coat. I am currently in the process of going through my classical record collection, weeding out those with problems, almost all of them obtained from Value Village for only two dollars each. A record might look in excellent condition to the eye, however when played it might have hard clicks and loud pops or a dreaded repeat, and that ruins it. Only by playing it can you tell. I have been collecting classical records for about five years now, since I accidentally broke my $8,500 Naim CD player. I stupidly turned the system on in the wrong order and as a consequence fried the expensive CD player beyond repair.

So after talking with the folks at my then audio store, they told me that every serious audiophile is using vinyl records these days and not cds. Upon hearing this advice I decided to invest in a turntable and to start collecting classical vinyl records. At that time I did have a large collection of classical cds.

It seems that it is my "hobby" I guess, no doubt that I love it. As a result I now have five turntables, seems I am always upgrading mainly through Ebay. I am expecting another one during the first week of April. This one I am hoping will be my last turntable, it is a Roksan Xerxes. I currently am using a Roksan Radius 5 turntable but the Xerxes is the big brother and much more serious than the Radius 5 which is really quite excellent in its own right.

I find that for every ten records I purchase at Value Village I only tend to keep about three possibly four as real gems. The rest I trade in at a small used record store an hour away from where I live. He has a smattering of good classical records to pick from. Unfortunately I have to search through a disorganized jumble of classical records as there is absolutely no order to them. I trade in my Value Village records and purchase some from him at $5 per used classical records. In the five years I have been doing this I have about 125 give or take really great sounding records, free of loud clicks, pops and repeats and good recordings. Not all recordings are done well and you can hear that, some sound engineers are much better than others.

Of course I also purchase some used ones online but that process is honestly hit or miss. Unless you purchase new ones, mainly because people tend to exaggerate about a used records condition, claiming it's a 10 when in truth it is really only a 7. By the eye of the seller it may look perfect, but the truth is, not until you play it can you really tell its condition. The problem with purchasing new recordings online is the price. The record might only be $30 then the shipping is another $20 so that is $50 USD then there is the monitory exchange rate at 1.35 which brings it to around $70 Canadian dollars for a new record.

Same goes for purchasing recordings from Britain. Both America and Britain have numerous great used vinyl web sites with more choices, especially in classical recordings. That's why I spend the time and hunt for bargain two dollar records at Value Village and visit the used record store an hour away from me. It is part of the fun of collecting vinyl records.

I do have an elaborate ultrasonic cleaning system so every record gets ultrasonically cleaned before I play it. As mentioned its become my hobby and helps to pass the time.


FEBRUARY 16th, 2021

It was no surprise that Donald Trump was found not guilty of the impeachment charges he faced in the American Senate. The Republicans in the Senate and those in the American Congress have been over shadowed by their fanatic ultra right wing elements. The "normal" Republican party essentially does not exist as an opposition party anymore. In truth it has now morphed into the conspiracy driven Trumplican party. The regular Republicans most probably will never regain control of their party for the foreseeable future, it has been overrun by the mentally stunted and deranged crazies taking over the party. Trying to reason with them on any topic is impossible, it is like talking to a knuckle dragging brick wall.

It is now a party of insane conspiracy theories and now entering from stage left, is the fanatical Qanon complete insanity belief system. Which is a product of online right wing pseudo media in the form of Alex Jones' "Info Wars" and of course Rush Limbaugh who has perpetrated great harm to the America psychic, in untold ways. It was actually pleasing to hear of this racists and misogynistic ass holes recent death. Basically he sold his country down the river all to make a huge profit. Of course there is Fox television's opinionated programming. Which has become more about a host's own opinions than it is actually news worthy. As long as this right wing idiocy exists on the air waves and online, the Republican party is finished as a formal opposition party. The Americans will no doubt eventually conquer the Covid 19 epidemic through giving millions of vaccinations to their population. However they will still be left with the spreading right wing mentally deranged epidemic, and there are no known vaccinations in the offing for that problem, is there?

Those who drafted the American first amendment rights of free speech, never in a million years imagined that idiots and degenerates would be allowed to voice their demented opinions on air and online. What is even more mind boggling is that many millions in the population, unable to think rationally for themselves, believe and follow these deceiving lying pied pipers. That have emerged from a commercially driven form of hell to cause irreparable harm to the American soul. Doing so all for huge profits, of course, after all isn't this the American way. There is no honor or ethics existant in the commercial world.


JANUARY 24th, 2021

Well thankfully and what a relief that Joe Biden is now the president of the United States. His predecessor will no doubt go down in history as the worst President of the 46 to hold the office, in the countries relatively short history. What Trump made occur on January 6th, sending his lied too, mislead and deceived followers to assault the congress, was an unforgivable faux pas. He really should be jailed as a traitor to his countries values, for doing so. America has a huge problem with it's on air media and online right wing "subversives". Continually and repeatedly lying and putting forth crazy mentally deranged conspiracy theories. Somebody like Alex Jones and his insane conspiracy theories should be jailed for life, for causing such mental mayhem in the country.

At one time of day there were moral and ethical rules in place to guide the media. Unfortunately they were done away with in 1987 during the Reagan era. With no rules in place has led to unscrupulous mental degenerates taking over and controlling the right wing media. The crazier they became on air, the more outlandish the conspiracy theories became the larger the listening audience was drawn in, of course the higher the profits being made. The more human minds listening to the program the more they could charge for product advertising.

If the American government doesn't do anything about the right wing's incredibly malignant media agenda, they will end up destroying the countries mental health from within, it is that simple. Laws should be passed that you can not openly lie or create conspiracy theories on air or online with out severe consequences ensuing. You have freedom of speech, but it comes with limits. Just as you can't yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater, you can't lie and create conspiracy theories on air and online. There are too many naive gullible people unable to think for themselves, in the listening and online audience. If the American government does nothing in response to this incident to curb such outlandish right wing degenerate speech, they are leaving themselves wide open to the possibility of eventually being over thrown by the words of the demented.

Now I live in another country other than America, and for that I am truly thankful, but their right wing crazy ness is also affecting me never the less. In my small town there is only one garage, the fellow that owns and runs it has the right wing radio blasting each and every day. He has become badly infected by this right wing mental infection. I wont deal with him for any of my car issues, like twice yearly oil changes and summer and winter tire changes. This means I have to drive a half hour to the next town for any of my garage needs. We called on the the local electrician to come solve a minor problem with our air flow system, that he installed when the house was first built. It turns out that he is the same, ranting right wing drivel thus he is badly mentally infected by the right wing's scourge as well. So we wont be calling on him ever again. It is like a mental thought cancer, an intellectual sickness that keeps spreading even outside of America.

In my mind America is really facing two raging pandemics at this time, the Covid 19 Corona Virus pandemic, as well as the right wing's mental degenerate pandemic, being spread daily by the on air right wing media and of course it is also very ubiquitous online. If the American government doesn't deal with it quickly, while the Democrats have the reigns to do so, and before those mid term elections occur, in two short years, they might never get another chance to do so. I believe that the Republicans are too far gone already, they have in effect lost control of their party too their insane fanatics. If they do not side with the Democrats and vote to impeach Trump that will tell you that those few moderate sane Republicans are no longer in control anymore. The party in effect is now mentally defective and intellectually bankrupt.


NOVEMBER 18th, 2020

It is good to see that Trump was defeated in the American election. However it is sad to see that nearly half of the voters did actually vote for him. One has to question what is wrong in America, that half the voters would cast a vote for a disgusting total ass hole of a person, to be their president. One has to wonder what is wrong with people? Are they really that vapid? Or are they being bamboozled or possibly are just as equally mentally ill like Trump is.

What Trump is doing to Biden, by not conceding the election, then continually lying about the election being stolen is reprehensible. He is clearly mentally ill and should really be removed from office. No doubt he will leave things in a shambles and in complete chaos, doing everything he can to harm Biden's up coming presidency.

It is a sign of the cascading downfall of the short lasting American empire, brought down from within, ironically by its own people and not outside terrorists. By people that are being fed a pack of lies by the hard right wing media. That think nothing of continually fabricating lies and blindly ignoring obvious truths. It seems that half of the American population are incapable of thinking rationally. Preferring instead listening to right wing media, believing all the conspiracies being falsely created.

Americas downfall is being promulgated by commercially based intellectual rot that's coming from within its own boarders. Freedom of speech it turns out, has a double sided edge to it. It cuts both ways, and right now America is being sliced in half by it's freedom of speech.


OCTOBER 21ist, 2020

Well we are just two weeks away from the momentous election in the United States. It is going to be interesting to see the results. Personally I can't believe that anybody would actually vote for Trump. Even harder to believe that around 40% possibly even more of the American population will actually vote for him. I find that incredulous and hard to fathom.

Not sure what that says about them, how could you vote for somebody that is a demonstrated pathological liar, brags and boasts about himself continually and is so utterly flawed as a human being. Essentially he has a mental deficit, amongst many of Trump's confabulations. One just has to look at how he has mishandled the Covid 19 pandemic. It is a major disaster in the United States with now 222,000 dead and the number keeps climbing daily. He is absolutely unable to show empathy for anyone but himself. Believes in all of the crazy insane conspiracy theories and only watches and continually appears on Fox alternative reality television programming, the intellectual cesspit where he is being mentally infected with nonsense and many crazy conspiracy notions.

You could only vote for him if you were out and out completely blind to normal every day reality, or are just as flawed mentally in the same way yourself. Perhaps you just watch alternative reality Fox news, where everything is delivered to you carefully wrapped in commercial lies and untruths. It is this twilight other world where Trump seems to be most comfortable. It is a world where the idiots of our human realm thrive and where they can feel smart about themselves, because they believe that they know something that the real world doesn't get.


SEPTEMBER 11th, 2020

It was interesting to hear about Bob Woodward's new book "Rage", where he has Trump on tape claiming that he knew about the degree and dangers of the Covid 19 virus very early in February. However he chose to do nothing about it, of course fearing that the stock market might react with a strong down turn. Because of his fear of a stock market crash he did not speak up and warn the American people to prepare as he should have. To me this smacks of a criminal act against the American people, it proves he is not fit to be their president.

To day there were remembrances of September 11 2001 where sadly 3000 people died at the world trade center in New York. It is ironic that over 195,000 people have now died so far during this pandemic, and the number will go much higher, according to modeling predictions. I wonder how this event is going to be remembered? Will the American people remember that their Republican President kept the dire news from them, so as not to rattle the stock market, costing them the valuable time they needed to prepare themselves.

I find it incomprehensible to imagine that 40% of Americans will still vote for Trump to be their president. It is a clear indication that a very large portion of the American population is not operating on an even keel and does not think in a rational balanced way. Unfortunately they have been deluded by the constant spin fabricating and grossly lying right wing media.


SEPTEMBER 6th, 2020

Summer is almost over, it was a really good summer as far as our garden was concerned, plenty of rain and very nicely timed at that. Really quite beautiful to walk around it every day for half an hour, getting some daily exercise. The fall has always been my favorite time of the year, the energy soaking humidity of summer is gone and nights are cool and good for sleeping. Day time temperatures are in the reasonable zone as well, and fall lighting is simply beautiful. Plus people are burning leaves and firewood for heat at night, which puts a nice smell in the air. Being a fully geo thermally heated house with in floor heating we do not have a fireplace or wood stove. But it is still nice to smell our neighbors burning hard wood for evening warmth.

Should be interesting to see the match up play out for American presidency between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. One would think there would not be the slightest question as to the outcome. However I wish that was a foregone conclusion, unfortunately the Republicans are an extremely underhanded, sneaky, crafty and lying crowd. It really would not surprise me if in the end Trump managed to claw out a slim win, of course only by using nefarious and underhanded measures to do so. He can not win in a fair run match up.

In my mind it appears to be a fight for the very soul of America during this particular election cycle. It is a choice between a decent but admittedly flawed, too soft, Democratic "good guy" or an unethical, pathological lying, conspiracy believing Republican "legal criminal". It is really hard for me to believe that it will be a close election. I mean what kind of person would vote for a criminal of any kind to lead your country?

Here is another image from the latest series that I am currently working on, taken with a Pentax K1 mkII and Pentax's 31mm Limited lens....IMAGE



JULY 24th, 2020

I have been thinking about the problem existing in America, this as I do my daily half hour walk around my wife's beautiful garden. Basically explaining the nub of the issue to myself, just trying to understand it. I have come to the conclusion that it stems from an infection of intellectual rot. Just like termite rot is in wood, only this rot is in the mind of those infected with it. It is an unreasoning rot that exists predominantly in one particular segment of the American population. Namely the right wing Republican party, specifically their strong right wing segment with it's legion of blind followers. Really sad to see that millions of Americans can't seem to distinguish out and out commercially driven hucksterism from normal every day reality.

In my mind the republican party as a whole, has become intellectually infected to the point of rottenness, the charge being lead by their mentally deranged ultra right wing members. Main promoters of this insane movement are the commercial on air crowd, the likes of Rush Bimbo, Yawn Hammedy and especially Allheck Jones, the person that sees conspiracies in just about everything. He is also the biggest and boldest total liar in American history. Unfortunately the American president is a firm believer in these idiotic conspiracy theories, like most idiots are. In fact he is creating another one at this time by saying that the coming election will be rigged, Mail in voting is fraught with fraudulence and that the democratic deep state is out to get him. Of course there is no proof of any of this. I wish it were true they need to get this f***en bum out of office and stop the daily nightmare he is orchestrating.

These ultra right wing on air talking heads are willing to rape and ultimately murder their country America. Doing it in their drive for on air ratings and of course to reap huge pay checks. They found a leader in Tonald Drump who is also intellectually stunted and rotten to the core. As he is constantly proving daily especially on his Twitter feed. He is their main cheerleader and official mouth piece and of course rather unfortunately for the country, he is the elected President of the United States. One only shutters when thinking how this could come to be? Just how is it possible to elect an ego maniac idiot into power?

It is as if an insane faction in America belonging to the republican party, has taken the country hostage and are running things like an insane cadre of loonies would, completely incompetently. Their response to the covid 19 pandemic is disgusting and a disgrace to their country. This more than anything demonstrates their complete incompetence.


JULY 10th, 2020

It seems that our postal mail system doesn't much work anymore or let's say it works like molasses pours, very slowly. I say this because I ordered two items on ebay and one from Amazon.ca and all three are incredibly long overdue. One in fact, is three months overdue. That being said I purchased some archival record sleeves that came all the way from California, of course online you never know where things are located when you order them. Luckily they sent it by Federal Express and I received the item in just three days and that included the day I ordered it. So from now on I will only use courier services for shipping and receiving things. Sure it costs more but then I am guaranteed to receive it and not be held in long term limbo, like I am when using the Covid 19 stricken postal service. In my mind there is no excuse for a package that should take a week to ten day to arrive, to actually end up taking two months or longer to arrive. That seems ridiculous to my mind.

America unfortunately is in a terrible state of angst these days, so sad to see, such a challenged and yet politically constipated country. Indeed nothing seems to work in tandem anymore, they can't agree on anything. Just can't seem to get their act together, seemingly on anything. The Covid 19 pandemic is showing the wide gulf that exists in the populations common sense thinking. Their president, Trump it seems, does not believe in fact based scientific reasoning. Like religion does he prefers his own more or less alternate reality type of logic, and that's all related to him being reelected. He cares for nothing else, even to the point of asking China and Russia to help him get reelected. Past dead Presidents must be spinning in their graves right now.

This pandemic seems to be more than the Americans can cope with, they are rudder less from a lack of top down leadership. Many other countries have and are dealing with the pandemic reasonably well, of course following the advice of their respected scientists. At the same time Americans are running around saying "this is a free country, you can't make me wear a mask, I have a right not too". That's very civic minded of some of the American population. American exceptionalism humm ...exceptionally bad comes to mind. With great highs also comes profound lows, this must be one of those very low periods, I guess.

The problem that exists is an internal one that's being induced by the "skewed capitalist oriented thinking" of their internally based "terrorists". That's the hard right wing of the Republican party in the name of the ultra right wing on air radio hosts and Fox television news commentators. The likes of Rush Bimbo and Yawn Hammedy etc,etc (intentional) and their endless legion of copy cat on air talking heads. It was Rush Bimbo who came up with the idiotic idea that if America didn't test so much, they wouldn't have so many Covid 19 virus cases. Just how dumb is it possible for someone get? Sadly Trump continually repeats this idiotic statement. All of the talk programming on American A.M. radio is right wing based and a lot of it is ultra right wing in their thinking. They are willing to essentially "rape and murder" America the country, in the name of chasing on air ratings and profits.

The hard core Muslim terrorists from without just want to blow things up, to make their political statement. But the internal "intellectually base terrorists" are distorting the intellects of those that listen to their commercially biased right wing broadcasts. They have a much more devastating purpose in mind than simply blowing something up. They are playing with the mind set of about fifty percent of the American public. Those that listen intently to their broadcasts. It is they who enabled Donald Trump to become elected, the absolute worst president in modern American History, most possibly ever. Sure he is great in doing away way with all environmental protections that keep commercial business more responsible. However he is deadly for the environment and the population's support base as a whole. The capitalists primary goal is to maximize profits and to that end they are willing to slash and burn anything that stands in their way.

As long as the hard core right wing continues their on air bombast against obvious reality and scientific fact based truth, the American ideals of democracy will continue to erode. In the end they will be responsible for the eventual downfall and disintegration of the American dream. The country has already begun it's long downward spiral as we all can plainly see. This downfall won't be brought on from any outside forces but from a commercially destructive force that's harboring within. Billions of dollars are being spent chasing the Muslim terrorists abroad and here at home, however not a single dollar is being spent to defend against the ultra right wing of the Republican party and their on air distortions of the truth. That daily on air lobbying does have an affect on the minds of the American public.

The Republicans can't win in any honestly fought election campaign, so they resort to their bag of dirty and nasty tricks, it is the only way they can win, by blatant cheating. I find it amazing that nobody is calling them out, somebody should have the guts to tell Trump that he is a psycho/sociopath that lacks any empathy for the population or the environment and is therefore not fit to be the president. But do it on air and right to his face. Everybody it seems just tip toes around the issue, nobody in the Democratic party is playing as dirty as the Republicans do. And the general media are simply afraid of the president and his bullying tactics.

The fact that the American public have elected such a terrible president, someone who appears ignorant of any plain truths. He is a complete "poser", underhandedly becoming president with the help of the Russians and Facebooks commercial greed for money, by accepting thousands of Russian political advertisements aimed squarely against the Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. But the truth is this, he simply can't do the job, he doesn't have the required skill set. Staunchly supported by the Republican ultra right wing, and thus most Republicans who are also afraid of critiquing him on anything, living as he does in his own little alternate reality. He is the head Republican but in truth he is a "cloaked terrorist" all for business, the environment and American population be dammed. He is also easy going on Russia's Putin and asked China's leader to help him get reelected. He even tried to cozy up with North Korea's leader.

You really have to feel sorry for the American people. They are caught up in a living nightmare of their own "free speech" making. Right wing ideas that are unfortunately are made up of many bold faced lies and obvious false hoods, pumped out constantly on air and by the online bloggers The American public are being mentally drowned in a right wing media's toxic swill, which taints how the general public thinks about things. What else could you call these right wing talking heads but, intellectually repugnant, demented, mentally ill, infected or possibly just plain evil and sinister. Murdering their own countries ideals just to for ratings and of course to make a huge profit. They are the lowest of the low and have infected the American mind set.

I am slowly working away on new imagery, enjoying myself, here is one of them, it is 54X84 inches in scale and 300dpi. It was taken with a Pentax K1 mk II and the 31mm limited lens......IMAGE


MAY 26ith, 2020

I am still alive and working away, truth is, we tend to "hibernate" just about all the time, and somehow always have in the studio, unless of course we were traveling. So the Covid 19 lock down doesn't much affect us all that much. Except for the new hassles encountered when doing grocery shopping, it's like a war zone in some of our grocery stores, yes that's an exaggeration to be sure. I also have a few medical appointments, so I am forced to have contact with others at that time. Most other things are being done by ordering them online and waiting and waiting and waiting for delivery, still waiting.

I have been perplexed as to why the American health system is doing so badly fighting against Covid 19. America has one third of the deaths world wide from Covid 19, it stands at close too 98,000 at this time and sadly it's still growing by the hour. However America only has about five percent of the worlds human population. So something is not adding up in my mind. Why is it affecting them so much?

America supposedly has the best commercially based medical system and personal in the world, sadly they still have no universal health care system. They have a disorganized patchwork of a health care system, everybody doing their own thing, dancing to their own tunes. Most people have coverage through their work places. When work is halted like during covid 19 pandemic, most of their medical coverage stops as well.

Now every other major country in our human world has had universal health care for many decades. Americans seem to believe that commercializing their health care system works best, sadly leaving whole swaths of their population not covered properly or at best poorly covered. It is a major Achilles heel for their country, at least it is in my mind. A countries true worth can be evaluated by how they take care of the most vulnerable in their society. America sadly gets a very bad failing grade in this department. It does however get top marks for their military industrial complex, it's there where they excel the most.

I can't figure out why they are suffering from so many casualties during this pandemic. Could it be that Americans feel "invincible", or simply don't believe it's true, so they don't follow the isolation rules as strictly as some of the states are requesting they do. One thing I know for sure is that some of the states, especially those with Republican lead governors are beginning to open up much to soon, again this is another symptom of their "entitled invincibility" and speaks to incredibly bad decision making.

Of course their right wing leadership at the top federal level is quite sadly incompetent and wholly inadequate to the task of dealing with Covid 19. When you elect a blow hard and a well connected pathological lying buffoon to the top post, well what do you expect. Imagine suggesting the possibility of investigating if people should consider the possibility of imbibing a disinfectant solution, like Lysol or bleach, to try and combat Covid 19, sh*t just how dumb can you get. It is hard to believe that he is the leader of a powerful country. How could this happen? Incompetents being elected to the top post.

Well here you see the end result of the many ultra right wing radio personalities, lets not forget the hard pushing National Inquirer supermarket tabloid, and of course the alternate right wing reality of Fox news television. In the past and even now, pushing for his first corruptly won election in 2016 and now for his re-election. Even now these same right wing factions are goading the people to revolt in the streets, against necessary laws of home confinement that have been enacted to prevent a run away pandemic and a huge loss of life, from occurring.

It is sad to see a great country like America being brought to its knees in front of the world. By it's on air and online crackpots and essentially idiots who daily push their right wing capitalist agenda. The make money at all costs and fu*k the people agenda, that's what it is. The problem is, most of these right wing types appear to have screws, nuts and bolts missing in their character make ups, and their internal moral and ethical compass is always badly out of alignment. This seems to be a hard wired trait of all conservative types. The Republican Governors of the states that are opening up much too soon, clearly point this fact out. Stupid is as stupid does, and in all honesty there is no cure for just plain stupid.

Well enough said, I am working on new series of imagery, as I mentioned. Here is one of the first in that series, need I say that it actually is a photograph taken with a Pentax K1 mkII and the 31mm limited lens. It is 56X84 inches in scale and 300 dpi printed on exhibition canvas natural satin. It printed up really well.......IMAGE



FEBRUARY 13th, 2020

I watched a television program which was on the History channel. Of course it was about the coming catastrophic effects brought on by global warming or as it is more commonly known climate change. They aired it at an inconvenient time slot, midnight to two AM. Not wanting to shock and frighten the public, no doubt. I simply recorded it and watched it the next day when I found the time. It is something that everybody should watch. It details how most of human and animal life here in North America will cease to exist in one hundred years time. There will be about 10 to 12 thousand stragglers trying to survive in the area around Bozeman Montana. An area that's going to be the least affected place on the North American continent.

The West of the North American continent is going to burn up like it is already beginning to do. The East half of the continent is going to become much too hot for life to exist and it will also be inundated with many tropical diseases that come from of the Amazon. The heating world will allow the insects carrying various diseases to travel north into America. As well as from the Arctic when glaciers melt and long frozen pre historic animals come to light and have the nasty diseases they carried in life, spread about by scavenging present day animals. Health care systems will not be able to cope. China's present epidemic situation is most probably climate change induced, so it is just the beginning.

The program was called, if I remember it correctly, 2 degrees of warming, or perhaps just 2 degrees. It lays out climate changes brutal progression through the next hundred years in several decade jumps at a time. They said this is absolutely going to happen because the reality is, nothing is going to stop it. All of the current warning signs are simply being ignored by all governments blindly bent on growing their economies. Ignoring the long term effects growing economies have on our life supporting biosphere.


NOVEMBER 6th, 2019

We had our federal election here in Canada late last month, in the end it resulted in a minority Liberal government. This is the same government that is bound and determined to build a pipeline running from Alberta, through opposing British Columbia and out to a port on the West coast of Canada. This is so Alberta's dirty bitumen can be transported to the coast through the pipeline, intended for ocean going tanker shipping overseas for refining, mainly by the Chinese. Not to worry the Liberal Prime Minister says, with the profits we receive from those using the pipeline, we are going to plant two billion trees in the next ten years. This supposedly to off set the carbon that's going to be ultimately emitted. Such idiotic thinking, and to think, we vote these people into power. Our leaders do not seem to understand that the economy can not continue growing like it has, the reality is, something has to give. Our economies can not continue full steam ahead, especially if we wish get ahead of the global warming problem.

The Green party whom I voted for, only managed to elect three members of Canada's new parliament. Turns out many people voted strategically to keep the Conservatives out of power. So although a million people got out and marched here in Canada just a few days before election day regarding climate change. When it came to voting however, people still voted for the Liberals instead of the Green party to try and keep the Conservatives away from power. Which they succeeded in doing, it is better to vote for the Liberal devil you know, kind of thinking.

As I said in my October 4th post, the way our supposed democracy works seems incapable of dealing with the crisis of global warming. It is just not set up or intended to deal with such an issue. It was always intended to vote in either a heartless party of business interests, the conservatives. Or a party of business interests but one with some heart, like the liberals. The global warming issue is outside of the scope of current democratic style government thinking.

In truth democracy requires a rethink and a major overhaul in my, yes not so humble opinion . Yesterday 11,000 scientist from around the world issued their most dire warning to date. Saying if we do not act and act radically and quickly to mitigate the carbon we are daily pumping into the atmosphere. The mass extinction of much of the wild life including humanity is the writing that's already being inscribed on the walls of planetary history.

Personally I really do not see a way out for any of us. In the end it is going to end up being mass death and then adaptation for any of those still struggling survivors. Things would have to change extremely radically and nobody in any government is willing to institute such drastic changes. If any one party did so, they would quickly be voted out of power. As I said our system of governance is incapable of dealing with the climate change issue.

The Americans have officially pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. Those idiotic Republicans now in power, are steadily dismantling anything that was put into place by past Democrat President Obama, to try and help curb the global warming problem. Measures that would hardly make any substantial difference in the long run. It is hard to imagine that half of the American people are ready to vote this same idiotic grossly careless Republican regime back into power. It is as if they are willingly voting for the death of their grand children and of course the deaths of their future in laws as well as the ultimate demise and death of their country. That is what's at stake. If you think I am exaggerating or over blowing this issue, you are simply badly informed on the issue.

It boggles the mind that humans can be so insensitive and callous about planetary life. It is also surprising that people could be so seemingly dim witted. I suppose that governments really want them that way because if the people knew the truth, things might have to change. However many people are so badly educated regarding climate change and are simply living in their own little self centered world's, perhaps not. I am sure they will go to Church and pray in earnest for redemption and of course forgiveness for humanities devilish deeds. Because that's how they have been taught to think by the society and system they grew up in. In planetary terms the demise of the fossil fuel powered human industrial age, is just a split second away.


OCTOBER 4th, 2019

I have come to the obvious conclusion that our current political system, the one that was initiated hundreds of years ago by the British, is absolutely incapable of dealing with the threat posed by climate change. The idea that systems of political thought change constantly every four or eight years, essentially will not allow us to deal with the complexities of climate change. And the individuals that might have a chance a making some difference in the looming dire outcome of climate change, the Green Party platform, never gets the chance to do anything. They actually want to change the democratic system because they know it is rotten and stinks to the core. In truth our Democracy is actually not a true Democracy at all, we are simply lying to ourselves if we think that it is. It is no different than the great lies that all of our religions are based upon.

We really need twenty five year comprehensive plans in place to deal with climate change. Plans that can not be changed on a whim by a climate change denying party being elected. The two party system we currently have the Liberals and the Conservatives were perhaps fine in the past but with today's issues they lack the fortitude and the resolve required to tackle the problems we currently face.

Just look at the USA, their current idiotic Conservative President is an out and out climate change denier. And we just found out that our present Conservative leader actually holds dual American and Canadian citizenship, he is also an avowed climate change denier. Just like the American president is.

I know here in Canada we also have the NDP (New Democratic Party) and the Green Party and a few other parties but in reality they are more or less just fringe parties in the grand scheme of things.The right wing leaning commercial press and conservative radio talking heads have made sure the socialist leaning NDP party, never stands any chance at winning big. And with our improper and more importantly unjust first past the post electoral system. All those whom vote for the Green party as an example, well their votes do not get counted among our parliamentarians. It is usually 10% of the population who vote for the Green Party here in Canada, I am among them. But the truth is, I and about 1.5 million other Green voters have no representation in Canada's general parliament, which in my mind is a blatant crime committed by our supposed highly corrupt fake Democracy.

If we and many other countries carry on with this highly biased system of untruthful Democracy, that always elects either the constantly climate change delaying Liberals or the forever climate change denying Conservatives that we Canadians are now oppressed under. Then the mass extinction of much of the biosphere's wildlife, including humanities own life stream, here on our home planet, is certainly 100% assured.

As I said at the beginning, the current political system that's in place is incapable of dealing with the threat from a warming biosphere. Too much would have to change in people's lives and consequently the political parties are afraid to tackle it head on. And the truth is, if they tried, the people would simply vote them out of power at the next opportunity . Basically we are fu**ed.

What is actually required is a climate change educated population, if the people really knew the scientific truth about our dire situation, perhaps there might be a chance for change. In my mind it is up to the various governments to properly scientifically educate their populace about the monstrous threats we now face. It has to come from the top down, and as it currently stands, it is coming from the very bottom up, from the likes of Sweden's young Greta Thunberg, merely a teenager. Governments really should be ashamed of themselves.




This past Friday there were large public marches held here in Canada, regarding the issue of climate change. The one held in Montreal had 500K marchers protesting in the streets. This according to our National news network the CBC. Young sixteen year old Greta Thunberg from Sweden was there, she had a 15 minute one on one meeting with our current Prime Minister. Turns out that she did not come away impressed by his climate stance, to say the least. He wants to plant two billion trees over the next ten years, to be paid for by a pipeline the government purchased for 4.5 billion. Which would ferry bitumen to the British Columbia coast from Alberta's land locked tar sands, it would then be shipped to China to be turned into refined fossil fuel products. You can easily see the hypocrisy in this scheme, I am sure Greta did. Those trees will not become effective carbon collectors for at least twenty years or more. Well past the 2030 deadline our scientists are saying is the point of no return.

I guess people felt good amongst themselves about marching for something they cared about, the environment. However the reporters also interviewed people in the march and found something quite amazing and in my mind, it was simply "mind boggling". People were asked what they were willing to give up to help with limiting climate change. For example were they willing to give up flying in jet planes, of course everyone said no. How about initiating gas rationing, no again. How about the government setting an even higher carbon tax than $10 per ton of CO2, no also. How about a small tax aimed at helping with converting things over to much more sustainable infrastructure, hell no was the answer. We don't want anything to change, we want the government to just fix this problem.

So it seems the many marchers appear to simply want the government to deal with everything without upsetting anything in their current life styles. How could the government do so with their hands and feet literally tied by the Canadian population. We are currently in the middle of an election cycle, we vote October 21 and it looks like those main climate change deniers, the conservatives are going to form the next government from the polling that's been done. So when any government tries to do something about climate change they quickly get voted out of power. Of course the conservatives those climate change deniers will quickly do away with the new carbon tax which our Liberal party has commenced. And they will do nothing else about the issue, they will follow Trump's climate denying lead in the US. It seems the government is dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

You have to wonder if the population is simply stupid or just plain dumb, at least I do. Perhaps they are completely uninformed about the future consequences of climate change. As things stand right now and the way things are currently proceeding, there most probably will not be much life left alive here in North America at the turn of the coming century. It is going to get that bad and it seems that the bulk of the population are simply clueless about this cogent fact. It appears that Greta that young Swedish girl knows this, that's why she is so emotionally distraught about it, because she knows the truth of the climate change situation.

Our governments do not want to admit the truth to the people, perhaps for fear of frightening the hell out of everybody, and also the fear that the government will actually have to something much more substantial about the climate change issue if the truth got out into the general public sphere. Especially so if the population actually knew the truth about the situation we are in. It appears as if those few that do somehow survive in ninety or one hundred years time, will just have to adapt to the coming climate hell, the best way they can. It won't be life as usual or as we have known it. Those few that do manage to survive, are going to have a extremely rough time eking out any sort of life.

If you think it isn't going to happen, you are simply not educated about the scientific facts. We are currently in the beginning of a mass extinction event, this of our own making. Greta knows this, that's why she is so distraught. Her emotional speech to the UN members was right on point.


JULY 14TH 2019

I haven't been much interested in photography as of late, of course I am still printing and framing large images, the actual image scale is 56X84 inches printed on 60X90 inch canvas. But as far as photographing goes, or doesn't go, I can't seem to get inspired to go out taking images, not sure why, perhaps I have just lost interest in doing it. The fact that my eyes are not the best anymore isn't helping matters. I receive monthly injections in my right eyeball even so it's vision remains less than adequate, my left eye's vision is better but it too is not at it's best. Things do look soft and muddled when I look at a tree a hundred yards away.

I have done it for so long, started taking images in the early 1960s, I feel as if I have done enough. Or have nothing else left to say. Of course the fact that I have an endless supply of images ready to print from my past outings, many that I will never get to print out, might also be playing a part in my lack of interest as well.

So the truth is, I seem to be spending personal energy on my stereo system and listening to classical music. In fact I just purchased a Roksan Radius 5 turntable and am waiting for it to arrive some time this coming week. It's just my hobby I am telling myself, I listen to music in my studio coming quite loudly from my Naim SBL speakers, as I print and then prepare those large images.

Perhaps another fact is that I am witnessing the biosphere clearly trembling and wavering around me before it's eventual unfortunate unfriendly distortion . Knowing that as a collective of supposed intelligent beings here on this planet, we are not doing any where enough to alter the destructive course we are on, towards a certain fatal biosphere catastrophe. Surely this knowledge must also be affecting me physiologically.

The conservatives or as they are known in the USA republicans in our population base, seem to be in complete denial of the dire situation we all are facing. Not sure if they are just plain stupid (high likelihood) or are insensitive (absolutely) or simply lack the ability to grasp the big picture (no doubt). Here in Canada our federal government is trying hard to introduce a carbon tax of 10 dollars per ton, and the conservative premiers of many of our provinces are fighting tooth and nail to prevent that from occurring. Calling it simply a federal tax grab. Our supreme court has sided with the federal government, saying that that they have the right to impose such a tax.


APRIL 21ST 2019

I continue to print large prints 56X84 inches in scale, then take the time involved to frame them, but at a slow pace, I am not in any hurry these days, slow and steady is the pace. The heaps of snow in our yard has finally melted away, our cats are going out to do their twice daily business in the garden soil. Tulips and Daffodils will be out in full bloom by this coming week, or so it appears too me. It was a brutal Winter in these parts, fully six months of it. I am not sorry to see the end of it...finally!

Well I certainly surprised myself last week, instead of purchasing an ultrasonic record cleaner as I had planned on doing. In its place I opted to purchase a Supex moving coil phono cartridge, model 909 MK II from Japan through Ebay. Then I had to purchase a step up transformer to boost the moving coil's weak signal to the pre amplifier. At this time because of my meager funds I only purchased a basic Denon moving coil transformer just to get the moving coil cartridge up and running. Now I am saving up for a top of the line step up transformer which should take me till the end of August before I have sufficient funds available to afford it.

The ultrasonic record cleaner will follow that purchase, possibly by the end of the year, I expect. Although we have two large credit lines available to us and yes credit cards as well, we simply don't use them. We like paying cash for things, thus I have to save up if I desire something. That way we are basically debit free. We spent a lot of our lives up to our necks, mired in debit, because I spent everything we had on my art work, but that is no longer the case, we are free of that millstone, sure feels good.

I do intend to get back out photographing in the coming weeks, I am just waiting for the proverbial perfect day. Picky, picky. I am feeing much better these days, the aches and pains I was feeling have now subsided. It seems to go in cycles. Perhaps it was the Winter blues, the truth is, the promise of Summer which is just around the corner, is all I really needed to help me bounce back.


MARCH 2ND 2019

It has been an old fashion winter where I now live, it started on November 4th, 2018 with a snow fall that stayed on the ground and has continued right through until now. There have been no signs of it letting up so far. The good news is its the beginning of March, usually by the third week to the end of March we are starting to see and smell signs of earth as the Spring slowly emerging. Hopefully the four feet of snow now covering our flower garden will melt and let the Daffodils and Tulips push their way up from their frozen slumber. One of the nicer things in life and a sure sign that Summer warmth wont be far behind.

Truth is, I really haven't felt much like working as of late, not sure why? I do need to get back at it, I can't seem to find the spark that will get me going. Something that has never happened to me before now, it must be my age I try to convince myself. And the fact that I have done so much work over the past sixty years that I have been taking photographs, it boggles my mind when I look back over my image files.. I never really held a proper job to make a living so to speak. Sure I am not counting the days I spent working for three commercial photography studios, that was enjoyment and not a job from my perspective. That was during the early and mid sixties until the early seventies. It was still all about photography and of course learning all about it.

I have just done photography every day, starting out quite slowly from the age of fourteen, that's when I decided that I would take and make photographs for a living. I was lucky enough to do just that. Thanks to my very supportive wife, whom I met in nineteen seventy three, not sure where I would be without her endless help and support. Truly the best thing in my life! And no we are not well off, quite the opposite, we have struggled financially most of our lives just to make ends meet, like most of us I suppose. And that struggle continues even now, it never seems to get easy.

Another stumbling block to my working at present is the fact that, as one ages their are numerous aches and pains that get in ones way. I suffer from nagging back problems and although I do have medical marijuana solution to take, amongst other remedies that I also take, even so the nagging pain still lingers. Hopefully as the weather warms up things will turn around. I have seen several spine surgeons but they said there were no guarantees, if they operated it was also possible that they might make things worse, so it was my choice not to have an operation. So I live with the pain and get seven injections in my back every two months. I have to travel fours by car to get them and four hours to get home. I drive down and my wife drives us home. Unfortunately that's the closest place to where we live. We are out in the proverbial boonies and it is wonderful and most times it is a magical place to live. We are extremely lucky in that regard.

I have gone back to using vinyl records, no kidding, more or less as a hobby, even though I have hundreds of classical CDS in the cupboard. I managed to put together a very nice system with a vintage Mitsubishi LT 30 linear tracking turntable which I purchased on ebay, and it is playing Wagner quite loudly as I type this. I am in the process of saving up for an ultrasonic record cleaner. One of the problems with using vinyl is microscopic dust and dirt that lodges in the grooves which you can't see, and that affects the records playing. I guess that's because almost all of my records have been purchased for a dollar from a place called the Mission or from Value Village, which is similar to Goodwill.

I go through their couple of bins every month as we do our once a month shopping an hour from where we live. I pull out any classical records that I think I might like. Because of the inexpensive cost I take a flyer on things that I listen too and if I don't like, I return and hand back in. But purchasing records that are thirty, forty, fifty and some times even sixty years old comes with those pesky "crackle and pop" noise problems. Sure I very, very carefully inspect each record, scrutinizing them before purchase however that doesn't insure that I get noise free records no matter how good they appear. That's why I am saving up for an ultrasonic record cleaner. Should have the funds by the end of April. Can hardly wait, I am counting off the days and putting a big X on each day on my desk calendar.



Well I had my gall bladder removed this past Tuesday morning at 8 AM, we had to drive down the night before and stay at the Comfort Inn over night as we had to be at the hospital for 630 am in the morning. We managed it in a blinding snow storm with numerous white out conditions along the way, luckily very few cars on the road because of the awful winter conditions. If we had of waited until early the next morning the road would have been closed as happened to another patient who had to cancel because of the road closure. We actually heard the call come in at the nurses station while I was being prepped for surgery.

Purposely because of where we now live, we have an all wheel drive vehicle with good "Blizzak" snow tires on it, a Subaru "Outback". Everything went like clock work, I left the hospital at 12:30 PM, it was time to return home. However the by then the road had been closed by the police, we ended up having to spend three days and nights at the Comfort Inn. Even when the road eventually opened the conditions were not the best but we eventually made it home. An hour and ten minute blowing snow ordeal.

There had been a lot of snow, looks like four feet, give or take, piled up in our garden. Personally I do not feel too bad all in all, right now. I had been feeling rather burp prone, gassy and down right shitty during much of 2018. Lets see what this new year affords us.



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