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"Humanities Imperfection - Religion"

"God" our mother is in the process of giving up on us. We have been molesting and slowly torturing her and she is beginning to gather her strength and is fighting back against the cruel abuse of her offspring. This "God" I speak of, is the nurturing biosphere we all inhabit.

I call her mother out of respect and in an attempt to honour this rare chance in a billion planet as a holistic living entity, the embodiment of a creative presence here in this cosmos. We humans have not listened to any of her primordial climate screams against our defilement or the cosmic wail from our constant molestation, our only creating entity God has grown tired of highly irresponsible human actions. Those collective uncaring attitudes that we have towards this planetary reality, a failure to insightfully find an ethical and morally worthy purpose in life, harboring no hidden power industrial or mercantile profiteering agendas.

Humanity dares to place the human condition above everything else in this realm, ignoring the planet's delicate and fragile Godly symbiotic functioning. We ignore as well as, our own intuitively granted wellspring that would guide us to a cosmically inspired awareness of sustainable planetary survival. The basic tenants - do not over populate the land, do not pollute the landscape or biosphere and, do not take this cosmic manifestation for granted - these are the foundations indispensable to a planetary creed of intelligent aware sentient behavior.

While ancient scribes understood that the lens focusing on core truth can only really be found within ourselves, they in a grand detour of profound human irony sought out an external controlling god like force, thus placing our faiths and loyalties squarely in the invisible hands of off world supreme beings, none existent gods and goddesses. Self introspection was left up to the individual and was not to be a collective revelation.

Here lies the root of the human made problem. Instead of perceiving this reality sanely clearly and cleanly thus collectively controlling and guiding our destiny within it, we allowed it to be intellectually pilfered. We let it slip out of our hands, and simply stood by as mute witnesses while it fell into the minds grasp of incredibly human frail contrived ideologies, complete falsifications that will in the end ultimately and irrevocably forsake all of us. The stories we tell of primal creation, the truth about religion and human faith, remains to this day unclean and intellectually corrupted; a tangled web of power seeking, locked tightly together trying to control and manipulate planetary purpose.

As a result humanity feels absolutely no allegiance whatsoever to this symbiotically purposed planet, it's only Mother, God. We are free to collectively treat it with greed driven impunity, without feelings for it or the slightest remorse for our democratically roused very destructive industrial actions. Without realizing shame for our callous willful abuse and hurting of God, without awareness or feeling even slightly responsible regarding our egregious for profit only commodity driven planetary biosphere destructive motivations.

Our core belief systems have been badly thought out and are incredibly flawed, the "supreme being" concept we have manifested is merely the grand human delusion regarding our planetary reality. What else would explain the complete loss of respect that we have for this planet which is literally God manifested here in the cosmos. Our human inability to conceive of and write a decent role for ourselves on how to become part of the true meaning of cosmic life, will, in the end, consume all planetary life. Rather than doing what is ethically and morally right, like ignorant illiterate fools we would rather simply fall to our knees and pray to a higher nonexistent off world power to come and save us from ourselves.

It is our religions that have granted us the permission to profit and prosper as a civilization. They are the sellers and providers of human only granted forgiveness. Not only do they nullify and dismiss our nasty worldly deeds but they also partake in all hostile actions, permitting humanity to be users and destructive abusers, rather than impressing upon humanity the basic requirement for our role as cosmic planetary sentient guardians, the caretakers of God.

Religious followers, in their blinkered state of obvious but self unaware insanity, and against all intelligent reason, believe that the "he" in their religious fairy tales, for it is generally a male "he", who will arrive to save humanity from itself. They can not imagine that this blue green cosmic orb whether we like it or not, is a fully alive creative entity, the actual God we are seeking and our only home. The truth is, this little alive cosmic nursery does not even remotely function in the prescribed manner that they have erroneously imagined for it.

Harmful mythological reasoning has resulted in untruthful inaccurate human frail misconceptions of this cosmic reality. We human beings are virtually cosmically planet illiterate, ignorant of the true God in those things that truly matter in this realm.

Naked undemanding cosmic existence offers nor harbors any human perspective. It operates distinctly outside of and separate from our artificially staged play of civilization. We do not recognize that we human beings are the evolutionary created sentient off springs, the organic issue belonging solely to this cosmological miracle, this highly fertile life giving God planet.

We have ignored the prime message coming from the center of creation, the one directed towards enlightened organic intelligent sentience. To manifest an "Earthocratic" style of sentient governance, a belief system where the planet which is our God and it's every aspect takes center stage and every human decision, move, every action is only taken after careful consideration of planetary biosphere, other species implications, and the weighing out of all potential side effects.

While religious ideologies attempt to forge an individual path toward enlightenment through personal caring, kindness, and forgiving. These noble attributes are in truth no match against our collective licentious conduct or planetary mismanagement, our willful commercially minded pettiness, and our gross moral corruption.

We have failed to align our fundamental principles for life with symbiotic Godly planetary reality. We have allowed ourselves to become wayward and are in essence, cosmically lost. Our industrially manufactured commodity driven planetary way of life has no doubt been influenced, but on the whole are ethically unmotivated by near sighted highly corrupted well organized but completely untrue beliefs systems of faith that we've concocted. As well as, our badly thought out irrationally destructive agenda driven for profit-only mercantile rational, this is the foundation that we have built our grand play of life upon. However in truth our human devised reality has become nothing more than a rotting quagmire of biosphere mistreatment, it is the quick sand of humanities development and progress that supports motivates and drives our civilization.

The mythological stories about ourselves, that great girth of misunderstanding humanity, are hiding and masking those destructive agendas and endlessly driving ambitions, allowing us to continually repeat the pattern of aggressively bullying our way around this little world. While we might harbor the notions of how to be sentiently alive and fully aware of this universe, our daily actions belie that fact. En mass we are nothing less than slaves to a commodity minded, always greedily driven human industrial juggernaut. In the name of endless societal growth and advancement we have become morally blinded and intellectually bankrupt as an organic bipedal collective of beings.

Sentient life on this planet does not belong too or owe it's allegiance to any intellectualized, non existent, always unseen, nebulous imaginary off world god creator. The idea that we do, has been usurped and twisted into its ritualized shape by human guided blind controlling patriarchal agendas. Human doctrine regarding the reality on this little planet is sadly in a shambles; it has snatched, clutched at and stolen endlessly and immorally from this planet. We survive and even thrive here but we lack any genuine compassionate nurturing or understanding for this naturally occurring organic cosmic life stream, this reality of God that conceived and birthed every one of us. We have quite ingeniously and even willfully abrogated any of our responsibilities to it. We have, in both theory and deed, ignored our duty bound accountabilities to this Mothering planet, God.

We actually do have the ability to protect and nurture this paradise, instead we maliciously interfere with the functioning of its very fragile carbon based biosphere. Our strongest ally on the global warming remission front was ironically this planet God itself. It worked tirelessly endlessly on our behalf. It did that by forming an evolutionarily symbiotic organically in tune and fully balanced biosphere system, that dutifully soaked up and then kept much of the naturally occurring carbon safely stored in numerous planetary holding sinks.

It's massive oceans, the trees in the boreal forests, most all plant life as well, even the very earth we grow our crops in, all contributed to the overall carbon mitigation efforts. Sponges that have over time become full to overflowing and literally are no longer able to deal with the careless levels of our rampant green house gas production. They are now completely saturated with humanities off gassing; so overloaded that carbon continually builds up exponentially in our atmosphere. If conceived of in mere human terms, our planet's biosphere must be literally "fed up" with always having to deal with our carelessly produced industrial and domestic continuous off gassing.

The, at one time, finely tweaked and eons leveled system that took billions of years for this Mother God Planet to cosmically manifest into a state of approaching near perfection. Has now unfortunately been dealt a harmful collectively organized and willfully damaging blow from its religiously self forgiven highly industrious but sadly maliciously intelligent off spring. We humans are in the process of murdering God. As a direct result the Godsphere on this little home world planet has now literally turned against its own sentient creation, doing so with a primordial savagely birthed reaction to humanities profound and willful disregard of the plain reality.

The planet God, is moving from being our original creative birthing wellspring, our life's teacher and eons long guiding mentor, to actually becoming our absolute worst adversary. Our collective hostile actions directed against this planet are molding and turning it into a highly lethal opponent. God as our enemy that we can never triumph over.

Somewhere in our DNA is a gene that craves for a spiritual meaning to life, that wants to face the truth about who and what is there deep within ourselves. We seem to want a place to exist within this cosmos that matches how we should be living, with a principle that advances purpose and meaning for all life.

Only through learning to fully assimilate ourselves within the fabric of organic nature, God, so that our lives blend seamlessly with the origins and constructs of the planet could we hope to leave a clean pathway behind us, with confidence there will be a future.

Even as we individually eventually depart this rare organic cosmic planet, this natural manifestation that's actually a God that we can see feel and touch, and took literally billions of cosmic planet's to form and manifest. We should all feel privileged to have shared in this miracle, even if in the end we humans made little or no effort to fully understand it's fragile nature or the true meaning of being cosmically sentient inside God. Even if we are right in the middle of God the cosmic creation, something that is the genuine manifestation of Godliness that we humans are so desperately trying to connect with, but sadly never fully realizing.

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