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First of all let me acknowledge the respect and homage that is due to this incredibly human humbling and indeed seemingly infinite welcoming Cosmos.

I am grateful for the comforting warmth provided by our fiery yellow star. With our current awareness we know it is located in an out of the way filament like spiral arm belonging to an average and rather conventional Galaxy, one that we have collectively named the "Milky Way". And which is also amazingly overflowing with a multitude of other stars or just possibly they too are also life bringing suns to aware organic beings who are also alive on their planets that are light years away from us, endlessly circling around their own stars as well.

I can only wonder and speculate what life might be like for them, does it simply echo our own disconsolate lives that are always entangled in seemingly artificially and despairing human contrived circumstances. Due mainly to the fact that we have in complete stupidity and sheer ignorance literally turned our collective backs on the potential that's inherent in this Cosmos. No doubt it's possible these other beings and their societies might have taken more positive, cosmically aware paths towards maturity during infinite and on going "aware" species evolution.

Still I am thankful for the miracle of human imagined infinity that I witness and mentally glide out to each time I observe and then rise up endlessly into the cold frosty oh so silent and constantly mesmerizing winter night skies.

I am indebted as well for the nightly apparition of our mystical pale yellow orb who commands and illuminates the nightly curtain. This enigmatic moon, the only other place in this Cosmos that we feeble humans have even dared to set foot on. And for the endless wonder and mystery contained in our daytime robin's egg translucent blue sky with its billowing and ever changing endlessly enchanting continually morphing clouds. The warming drizzle and smells provoked by a sudden summer rain, and the incredible beauty of the first snow flakes blown and dancing lightly in butterfly fashion across a frost withered late fall field.

Realizing as I do that the Cosmos as old as it is, and itself is an alive and living entity, and welcomes us as sentient organic creatures into it's own being. In time it would be willing to open up and share it's little secrets and majestic wonders with us, if we were not so humanly arrogant and closed minded to the true realities of our own existence.

All of this then is my personal creative motivation and the issues that are the closest to me, driving and no doubt inspiring and influencing my fine art photographic mural creation. We all harbour varied and quite divergent creative impulses, accompanied by their close companion of steering motivations, as well as those inner forces that push and strive to clarify and eventually formulate themselves within our beings. We dare at times to free our minds and intellect of the many petty externally based human world originated influences and begin a quest, seeking internally, searching for the centre of our true core.

That seeking out, the personal quest for one's inner nucleus is the same journey and path one travels along when searching for Cosmic core values. This worth is a faithfully transmitted signal to all organically based sentient beings. If your mental antenna or perhaps these days your personal satellite dish is lined up and in working order, you should with some concentration and intuitive inner questing discover that admissible gateway through to the central core of enlightened being. Discovering universal truths inherent at the core of any decent organic Cosmic entity; morality codes and ethics instinctively infused into the cosmic soul. They provide the lust for survival and inspire the journey throughout one's allotted life span.


I am just like you an organically based Earth bred and nurtured being. I find myself having been initiated and stirred into consciousness at this point in time and celestial space, through a frenzied organic milky gush and spurt of flailing heated chaotic chance squiggling its frenetic way towards my eventual origin.Living out a life day-by-day in my all too short conscious awareness on this marvellous cosmic jewel of a planet.

A living organic oasis in the greater Cosmic garden, one that is teeming full of life and which stands as a testament to the bountifulness, and veneration we should all feel for the sheer miracle of spontaneous and ceaseless infinite creation. We truly have a front row seat to the grandest of all Cosmic extravaganzas. Allow me to further introduce myself and tell you what it is that truly drives and invigorates me to endlessly conceive and then create my mural work. Just so you are attentive to this fact, I am inclined to think of myself as a photo based fine art creative image maker. The creation of images is the only life style I have ever known or cared about.

I feel some how compelled and driven forward by maddening and clear-sighted visions of our universal plight. And by an inner personal need to bring visible proof into human consciousness of an underlying cosmic centered reality and yes faith that exists in full bloom, all without the necessity for Earth's human realized and organically conceived false faith spieling prophets.

I have become intrigued by what I know; schooled but somehow I feel not educated. My intuitive knowledge concerning the realities of our cosmos has sent me questing inwardly. I feel that my own unknowingly shackled culture has indoctrinated me solely for an earthly life of ant-like mindless toil. It somehow failed miserably to invest or instill in me even the slightest hint or understanding of the simple cosmic realities we all are facing.

I am left bewildered, even uncomprehending and fearing for my fellow planetary beings who have concocted and fashioned these false ideologies centered around selfish grabbing human desires and wants. I am even leery and suspect naivete in my own wisdom, and thus interrogate its motives. I sense there is more to know, more yet waiting for my intellect to seek out and come to awarness, yet I only focus on a diminutive human realized scale of Cosmic imagining.


Where then should I give birth painfully issuing forth this seminal lament, the recounting of my motivational drive and the recognition of a creative ignition spark that ignites and drives me on, burning intensely deeply inside my core being. Something that can't or won't simply look away blinkered, ignoring the reckless bungling and the constant male arrogance and pig headed destructive and hurtful attitudes that seem to have taken a firm hold and in fact influence just about everything and everyone on my little blue green planet.

I know with every fiber of my being that pure cosmic origin is not totally benign and wholly indifferent to us. We can not be simply the mere latest byproduct and the current offshoots on a planet within an never ending endless cycle of creation. We have a certain place held for us within the greater Cosmic framework, a small outpost of intelligent sentient life, one that could possibly recognize and flourish within the Cosmic context. I also know that the Cosmos as well is an offshoot entity no different than we are, only on a very much grander scale and under a completely different framework regarding the passage of time. It too will eventually end just as it once had a first beginning.

While it intrigues me it also is somehow comforting to recognize this; it is this predicament of our situation that drives the creative message forth, rising up towards an opening from deep within me. I am searching for truth regarding the Cosmos, including myself, hoping that it will be enough to completely satisfy and satiate my spiritual hunger, my yearning to know and my human longing for true definitive answers. Bringing about a primal up welling from the fountain of intuitive insight that is internally seeking an intimate connection with the ultimate infinity, to eventually arrive at a complete oneness, knitted fast with the central core of all creation.

I know for certain, intuitively, that no actual deity or god is in control and paying the slightest mind or has any interest in us. I can not simply swallow nor do I wish to taste in my mind the make-believe Earthly religious fabrications. They have completely misunderstood the internal and inner workings of the Cosmos and have gone down completely nefarious false pathways. However, I understand the need we seem to have for faith based intellectual thinking. I unflinchingly acknowledge this Cosmos as the ultimate reason for my creative life. I feel that I have so little time left to know and feel the Sun's warmth, to marvel at the sheer abundance and varieties of plant and animal life seen on the planet. To see the stars twinkle at night reminding me always of sun sparkling and dancing on cold northern lake waters, and for the never ending imagining in my mind of distant suns warming and bringing life to other aware and sentient beings.

For these reasons then I am attempting with my tiny candle like flame flickering and faintly illuminating and briefly bringing some scant intellectual warmth to the utter cold and black awaiting abyss, truly just a tiny beacon in our collective mental darkness to have creativity conceived, and eventually issue forth giving birth to my precious murals. They are an incontestable symbol to me that the Cosmos is indeed multi layered and not totally indifferent nor blindly unaware that we humans have come into our brief Cosmic existence, the murals exist if only to acknowledge that fact.


Conscious, aware mortal earthly beings similar to ourselves commenced early agrarian development roughly ten thousand sun revolutions ago. Judging from the point of view of infinite cosmic magnitudes we are still in the very early days of our ongoing infancy.

However, it is only in the past one hundred and fifty sun revolutions that incredibly insignificant diminutive time frame that we earthly beings have gone from living and surviving in a very pastoral wax candle, horse and buggy, with a fire illuminated night world, to today's frenetic fast paced constantly ascending fossil fuel burning terrible polluted world, one of rapid digital computing and world wide interconnection. One might argue that this new pace is necessary because of the incredible flux and fragility of cosmic life. Things happen, there are cosmic collisions occurring frequently, more often than we would care to admit to. Worlds and their fragile beings come into and out of Cosmic existence in an ongoing basis if truth be known.

As it happens we might just possibly be entering yet another mass extinction, only this one will most probably be caused by this planets very own inhabitants, we humans no less. Our fellow beings appear to be carelessly and with reckless abandonment trying their neglectful best to destroy this fragile little planets ecosystem. Driven by selfish motives of self aggrandizement and profitable points of view, this devastation is happening daily on an unprecedented scale. And yes I know that by simply being alive that I too am also to blame for continually adding to the fossil fuel burning atmospheric pollution that is constantly being generated on this planet. I am like everyone else caught up and frustrated by a web of blindness and sheer ignorance that's being spun, seemingly designed by merciless and relentless blind to planetary realities profit seekers, constantly pushing everyone towards the cliff edge of an eventual downfall.

We humans think of ourselves as educated, refined and even outwardly cultivated in appearance. We assume an attitude of complete awareness and believe that we are highly intelligent bipedal beings. However, in truth most human beings alive today are living completely unaware and are quite amazingly unwitting of the genuine facts of this planet's true cosmic role and it's worldly and universal realities.

No doubt this happens because we are far too microscopic, focusing only on our own day-to-day thoughts, permitting irrational mercenarily based motives and profit based practices to dictate all of our daily disciplines. Many simply forget the organic nature of the Earth. Overlooking the undeniable fact that it provides a safe place to conceive and bear our young, doing it endlessly without even asking anything from us, suckling and nurturing our profane and irreverent species during countless planetary sun revolutions.

But for how long? Will we simply in the end create and bring about our own demise? Maybe it could be argued that our eventual self destruction or accidental extinction is possibly pre-programmed and built into either us or the environment. Who knows, perhaps it is meant to prevent wide spread Cosmic pollution, after all just look at what we have done and are doing daily to our own little Earth.

The species on Earth or elsewhere in the universe that are able to tune in, listen carefully, and adopt those cosmic core values will flourish and be nurtured. The ones that are lost, continually promoting erroneous belief systems will eventually in the final outcome rip themselves apart. Ultimately in the grand scheme of things it is these lost entities, the ones who cannot tune in to the Cosmic core broadcasting signal that are pre-programmed to bring about their own finality of extinction.


Suppose your mental antenna or satellite dish is not fully aliened to the Cosmic signal and all you heard was scratchy static in regards to intuitively knowing about the workings of the Cosmos. If that's the case and along come something called religion who is telling you that they were hearing the broadcast very clearly, just follow them, they are talking directly to "god" and if you believe in and follow behind they would help get your message through to the omnipotent one. Wouldn't you want to follow them?

By virtually relieving humanity of the desire to be intellectually sound and responsible for the planet, religion has become a destructive force, driving and reeking havoc on this planet; continually, arrogantly involving humanity in devastating immoral wars as the only means to dispute resolution. We have taken it for granted that we are the dominant and controlling species on this little water blue planet. More importantly we are even so bold and completely arrogantly infatuated with ourselves as the prime species to actually think in terms of having a one to one relationship with the original creative impulse.

No doubt we originally began worshipping a spirit using simple and original thoughts centring on seasonal changes, sun, moon, or eventually fire spirit veneration. Something which over countless human generations and societies and much time passing eventually contrived faith prophets, shaman or spirit healers. Eventually this became a clergy, a ministry of hierarchy with pompous elaborately robed controllers

Perhaps if we reflect on it, this need for a belief system came about from simply surviving and being alive on this planet. It is literally an endless wonder to behold, with its incredible overwhelming scenic beauty and the complex interrelated ways of its flora and fauna that are a constant unending marvel to us all. From this then, it is relatively easy to comprehend why our early ancestors thought that a god or a divine spirit or hallowed phenomena must have played out a hand in its extraordinary creation and constant upkeep.

Each of us has a unique view and slant on the subject of human kind and first creation. There are numerous and quite varied stories and creation concepts readily circulating on our planet, all attempting to come to terms with and explain the miracle of creation.

Our philosophical movements have dreamt up a creator or "God," sometimes even a "Goddess", and these human concocted entities are generally recognised by many on the planet to be the ultimate originators of everything there is or was. If one can believe this, these deities are actually believed to be interested enough to indulge and cater to our petty earthly human whims. These human concocted religions honestly think that this power is located somewhere in the nebulous heavens of our endless sky, and that these deities look in and take an active part in the day-to-day running of the planet. They presume "he" truly pays mind and caters to each of our insignificant Earthly problems.

One curious and perplexing thing is this, a number of the Western based organised "religions" actually believe that this powerful force takes the form and persona of the male gender on our planet. Very craftily the religions claim that we are made in his likeness. Their omnipotent god is never thought to come from the only organic life creating gender that we have on the planet, our females.

Unfortunately from my perspective most of our formalised religions have absolutely no true basis in actual Cosmic reality. Over time and countless years of incredible male gender bias infused with a need for domination, cosmically unenlightened and completely out of core sync religiously based prophets and brothers, who were in truth completely unaware of the plain simple fidelity regarding our place in this vast endless Universe, cobbled and pieced together what we now acknowledge as our modern religions.

They created a system of false and phony faiths that have fostered a dependency solely on themselves. They promoted an attitude and an assertion that the planet is ours for careless raping, leading to a whole scale slaughter of our wild natural species and the continual lessening and depletion of the planets limited and finite resources.

This type of faith absolves the followers of a need for moral and physical responsibility to the planet; ironically the same planet that provides us with our lives and an endlessly sustaining environment. Religions provide their followers with a simple mechanism for forgiveness and an effortless path towards obtaining Earthly "privilege".


Like religions I also have my own creation theory. The Cosmos itself was actually birthed and is simply growing just like everything else that grows matures and eventually in the end dies. If we proceed back to our Cosmic beginnings some thirteen odd billion years ago, we might see it reduced all the way back too a ball or Cosmic egg containting everything that's ever going to be in our Universe. That "big bang" theory which we all talk about was just the Cosmic egg itself actually being fertilized and then exploding into life.

So you ask, who do I think impregnated and gave "birth" to our Cosmos? Well other much older Cosmoses of course. Surely we cannot believe that this Cosmos we are in is the only one in existence. Let's think about the number of star alone in our own cosmos, its estimated that there are around 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars not galaxies in this Cosmos. That's actually more than all of the tiny grains of sand found on all the beaches here on this planet. And our sun which is really one of those stars represents just one of those tiny grains of sand.

Then let's imagine that we ourselves are tiny fleas living on a mangy dog thinking and preaching to each other that this dog is the only one in existence. Where on this Earth or in the entire universe does there exist only one of something? It simply does not work that way. For me, there are a multitude of cosmos and cosmic dimensions and we are simply alive for only an extremely short period of time in this particular version of the Universe.

I do, however, truly worry for our future as Cosmic beings and wonder what will eventually become of us. Will my fellow planetary inhabitants ever awake from their narcoleptic earth bound slumber and come to their senses and get anything right? It's my feeling there exists within many intelligent human beings a profound intellectual and thinking centered blight or affliction.

I think of it as being a thought disease, one I call "intellectualitis". The conception that it is actually beneficial and profitable for some individuals to go to war is a symptom of this illness. The idea that any "war" can truly be won is yet another human mental deception. Everyone on the planet relinquishes the fidelity contained in cosmic life when human beings clash and strive to exterminate each other. How many leaders do you know, at any level and any time in our history, who have used their power and influence to advance the notions of caring, kindness, or any Cosmic core values?

Human beings in the raw appear to lack the inclination to have respect, it's something that's perhaps not instinctively intuitive and must therefore be gained from knowledge. Perhaps with a deeper regard for the issues surrounding our planet and it's intimate connection to the greater cosmos, an awareness of that synchronicity surrounding this planet by it's human beings, a respect for the flora and fauna that inhabits this space with us would mature. We even lack a rudimentary honor amongst ourselves, we do not in the end even pay homage to our own intellects. We simply allow our minds to become the endless dumping grounds for the mental litter and rubbish that is being spewed out continually by our mercenarily based gutter dwelling popular culture icons.

We have given license too and encourage a kind of constant mental flooding, but it's unfortunately overflow coming from our human intellectual gutters, "rat" like instincts are being allowed to grow flourish and prevail. Our societies, all the while crying out that we are living free and have freedom from human tyranny and domination. Then quietly we are being lead into the back alleys of commercialism where uncaring corporations literally terrorize each of us through advertising into becoming compulsive consumers, where we live a life of endless material bondage that has a treadmill like captivity to it, and is being driven by a ravenous uncaring profit seeking marketplace.

We all know the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately minds that have been infected by intellectualitis can justify agendas and corrupted actions steeped in greed, self glorification, or moral corruption. Take what happened in the 1930s, an entire nation was lead astray and influenced away from Cosmic roots by one human being who was badly infected with rampant intellectualitis. By 1940 the world was at war yet again against this country as they were committing untold atrocities.

One powerful corrupted individual mesmerised an equally "intellectualitis" blinded nation to follow him on his egomaniac depraved and destructive path. Millions of lives were lost, even more were compromised. In a world with Cosmic core values this type of history could not occur. In that world everyone alive would know and respect the difference between caring and being careless, and would have known a just path from a wrongful one.

We all can distinguish honesty from its rival dishonesty. Take the word democracy for example, here in the West we believe we live in a political system that represents public interest but in truth its far from being that. The local candidates that are faithfully and duly elected journey to our nation's capital carrying with them the best of our intentions. But the truth of our political system is that ultimately the elected candidate is forced to fall into line, and simply following obeying and promoting their own patriarchal dominated parties policy.

In many cases here in Canada at least, its the parties who simply appoint a candidate of their choosing for many of the countries ridings, they call it parachuting a candidate in, someone who in most cases has nothing what so ever to do with the riding itself. Then the parties literally terrorize us with fear mongering during the election period, the last few elections have boiled down to our dominant governing party using threats of the loss of our universal health care system if we are crazy enough to vote for the other main business oriented party.

The parties themselves are all controlled and being manipulated by behind-the-scene interests who dictate the direction and path for the country. In a genuine and truthful democracy there would be no parties, no back room maneuvers, and no terrorizing threats being made during elections. Each of the candidates representing their own home ridings would be able to vote independently in Parliament, making decisions based on what the public who they are supposed to represent, actually wish for the country. As it exists now its really just a political sham and in truth, simply an out and out phony pretense of being a democracy.

We are aware of kind, nurturing values and would instinctively choose them over careless behaviour on a personal level. Yet we here in Canada brutally kill hundreds of thousands of completely defenceless newly birthed wild life forms, seal pups. An immoral action sanctioned and licensed by a government under the guise of protecting our off shore fisheries. The sad truth is that this cowardly killing of innocent cosmic life forms would not be deemed necessary, if we were caring and had not blindly vacuumed all of the fish from our ocean waters and then had the gaul and sheer blind human nerve, to turn around and blame those seals and their new borns for the disastrous collapse of the fishery.

Having a strong empathy for life on this planet is blatantly misinterpreted. Cosmic values of kindness and compassion are perceived by patriarchal thinkers to constitite human weakness. They can not grasp nor fathom and appreciate the maturity and long term sustainability that is generated from a society with an empathic philosophy with its attending and accompanying behaviours.

Unfortunately the predicament we are facing is this, we all live and exist on a finite planet. The lack of cosmic core values distorts and is affecting the organic planetary rhythms. It is dramatically affecting our biological survival systems. We are living with the consequences, a Cosmic "paradise lost" now filled with hatred, on going vengeful wars, constant bickering amongst religious belief systems and now we watch the demise of the ecological systems on a scale that is alarmingly frightening. We permit a dark side to constitutionally taint our minds with destructive and ruinous thoughts, thus creating the conditions and the catalyst for orchestrating and bringing about eventual societal chaos and probable planetary disaster. The sad truth is we only have ourselves in the end to hold accountable.

I wonder in the far off darkened recesses of my mind if our societies will ever peel off and fully cleanse themselves of the ancient and corroded chains and restraining shackles. That enormous dead weight of our badly rusted out intellectually tainted anchoring foundation stones. And if possible centre our intellects on a plain simple message, one baring a Cosmic core truth. We are not alone. We must live by the values of kindness and caring. We must accept the plain truth of all situations. Then we must be prepared to apply these concepts not only daily, personally but on a global level.

As I live out my quickly vanishing days on this tiny fertile oasis I spend my dwindling time on the creation of visually based murals. This work just might be my intuitive banshee wailing, or perhaps it is more of a screeching howl into the utter and complete darkness, at finding myself literally trapped here in this human made morass, in quicksand that's been made by its own psyche's netherworld. I am doing my art work just to prove to myself, without a shred of doubt remaining in my own searching intellect, if surely to no one else's, that this core, this very essence of life that was loaned to me by the Cosmos is not being lived out simply totally in vain.

Somehow intuitively deep in side myself and from what's coming out through my aesthetic endeavour, I know the Cosmos is indeed magnanimously aware of our slow but steady ascent and of our clandestine eventual becoming. Conceding, even if it is seemingly benignly indifferent and completely unconcerned in regards to our organically based enlightenment, that while we are on our own we are certainly by no means simply all alone. And if we took the time to explore just a little deeper moving past the surface layers we inhabit, we would find things are entirely different in the Cosmic context.

Human kind must eventually find it's sanity and finally realize and begin to adpot and believe in the true Cosmic realities, acknowledging that there is a much grander mandate than what we have been imagining and even dare to participate in. We are simply one organic awareness among many. Although we have been granted life on this planet, we are responsible for providing a safe environment for those on our planet and are accountable for consummating our Cosmically granted lives through an aware union with the unvarnished truth.

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