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The morning doves are beginning to return to the area where we feed them each winter and its only mid August. They usually depart in the Spring and return to us just before the cold weather settles in. We are harvesting perennial seeds a full month earlier this year. The family of ground hogs that I supply with carrots during the Spring and Summer normally go into winter hibernation mode by the end of August. This year they began the process by the end of July. Local farmers are harvesting crops a full three weeks ahead of schedule. August is providing weather that is more indicative of the coming of our cooler fall season. These are clues, signs emanating from our ecosystem, subtly informing us that winter will commence before we normally expect it to.

Modern human intelligence, disassociated from core intuition, simply brushes off these signals. We dismiss this evidence as purely unscientific, little more than random irrational behaviours occurring within the animal, plant, and biosphere realms. Notions of veiled meanings are not apart of our contemporary wisdom. Humanity, that sentient girth of living conscious spirit, currently functions in an arrogant state of intuitive planetary ignorance. No longer recognizing or taking the time to seek out and fathom the rhythms as well as the significance gained through connecting with the primordial intuitively inspired cosmic drum beat.

We have misplaced or perhaps worse, have never found what should be one of the more precious human achievements, earthly intuitive intelligence and a sense of core wellspring awareness. That guiding force of inner reasoning, the innate gift of knowing the differences and consequences that arise between the boundaries of genuine meaningful planetary reality and the human fictionalized scheme of industrial scale mining drilling or cutting, then reducing it down and hammering it out, and finally wiring our reality into it's forged existence. Manufacturing it solely through materialists driven motives into our present day conception of an ultimately unsustainable virtually dead ended planetary way of being.

As a collective we are not interpreting ecological meanings in a clear-sighted in tune with this earthly realm manner. We have lost the intimate umbilical relationship with this marvelous cosmic creation that we all live on; we are no longer inspired or feel inner awe and respect for the endless flowing forth of cyclical organic abundance provided to us by this space oasis, our living breathing true Mother, this planet.

We fail to decipher or communicate in those intuitive languages, codes of knowledge pertaining to the intimate inner workings of our planet. We willfully ignore the illuminating markers built in to the planetary and the greater cosmic's finely tuned feed back loop systems. In disregarding those warning beacons we can not recognize the eternal endurance that is provided by a fully aware existence, we edge closer each day to a planet wide, human wildlife and all encompassing ecological impending disaster. Without organic harmony, something available to every species through the collective motion of beating in tune with the planetary and cosmic drumbeat, we can not keep ourselves true. This single issue will ultimately separate and move us away from achieving cosmic enlightenment, planetary sustainability, and genuine sentient worthiness.

Unfortunately it seems more comforting for our human population as a whole, to simply follow along and naively exist within a contrived and forced mercantile regime of order. Accepting without question a way of life that is formulated not from noble altruistic planetary needs or a completely aware impetus, but created merely for the sale and generation of profits through the deft marketing of a multitude of industrially produced merchandise.

Whenever a cosmic life force begins to throw away or sets about carelessly destroying the precious gift of planetary existence, it is a clue, a very clear message that things have gone askew and that the underlying core values are in very serious need of reordering. The fact is, on this planet many millions of it's sentient life simply survives in meager conditions living in shanty town squalor. Most of us live with some fear of crime and terrorism, be it vandalism, theft, murder, bombings or rape. We are all witnesses, those of us who care enough to even look, to the collapse and demise of many earthly wildlife species and many of us wonder about the disastrous weather disturbances in the form of tremendous flooding, much stronger hurricanes and micro burst wind storms occurring in places never before seen.

Our careless attitudes towards everything in the earthly realm including ourselves, our insatiable ever expanding completely insupportable growth patterns, and our totally mindless actions regarding planetary pollution, contravene and mask the primary message that is consciously instilled in most of humanity and simply awaits careful "intuilligent" uncovering.

Without this core intuitive aspect of planetary life factored into our innate intelligence, the intricate workings in nature and the self regulating organic functioning of the biosphere on this planet are soon irrevocably lost. The biological reality clues there to inform humanity exactly how to proceed are simply wasted, scattered to prevailing winds by the mindless ineptitude of the human mercenary circus. Virtually every aspect of our real world realm has something of genuine meaning to share with us, if only we would learn how to read and decipher the organic core primal language of this planet. From the negative, like atmospheric smog levels that inform us we are adversely polluting our living environment, to the positive with our seasons matching the progression of life. With new growth budding displaying full of potential in early Spring, the fullness of life come Summer, followed by the maturing of being in the Fall, and eventually flowing into the ebbing of life's force upon the arrival of Winter.

These multitudinous intuitively inspired messages woven tightly within the intrinsic language of earth, as well as the internal answers to life's ultimate mystery, are found at the core of our inner being. It is what the grander cosmos provides to us, the planet earth continually re-enforces, and humanity can rescue from within our inner most core. Each of us comes forth from the essence of cosmic star matter, planet earth was actually spun into rationalized being out of that same star dust, both have the capacity to unveil the conscious fruits of unfolding reality.

The three entities, the grander cosmos with its vast nebulous space, planet earth our living space oasis with its myriad of organic life, and our own individual existence are all intimately interconnected by the core of infinity that fuses into the composition of all cosmic origin. In truth they are literally one and the same thing. They represent the ongoing wholeness of prime reality inherent in all creation, the sum and substance of the microorganism finite intertwined into the macrocosmic infinite universe, all combined in an intimate embrace and primal dance of life force issued forth as the never ending authentic reality.

This organically founded enlightenment binds us to cosmic infinity and reveals itself as the conscious awareness and manifestation of rational being. It is the intuitive seeking to know and realize what is right and just in all earthly conduct and is formulated through the actions of simply being a decent human being; one who accepts the freedoms granted by being alive and living in a reasonably open and relatively "free" society and never thinks to abuse that privilege for religious, corporate, or even something as common as grasping personal motives.

It is also the witnessing and realization of unvarnished truths, that acceptance of actual reality as it exists by peering through the veils of that existence to assimilate the wholeness of ongoing never ending creation, the fundamental primordial nature of conscious being.

We as sentient beings must learn to distinguish the difference between real truths, half truths, and covert lies. There is a point in human existence, where a veil is present, this dividing line separates planetary reality from the nebulous world of the human mental psyche. It is where religious, political, and corporate dogmas are birthed from the human intellect into formal rationalizations.

This is the place where the overly pious zealots hawk their doctrines and parade their ritualistic paraphernalia in front of followers searching for any explanations to life; they in truth do not know how to go or even see beyond that obscuring shroud. It is there at this point where they contrive to offer inside information and assistance in transporting followers beyond the veil's obscuring chimera, into a faith induced always promised but never quite delivered encounter with an illusive human concocted immortality and the promise of any soul's complete fulfillment.

Known to us as religion, this balm to soothe our psyches, was humanity's opportunity to get it right by seeking and searching out the truth. Religion speaks to human yearnings and an insatiable need to fashion a meaningful purpose to this earthly existence. However, instead of fully enlightening human souls, we have simply tried to save them from themselves, counting each convert as a victory for the overall cause.

Our myths of divinity, gods and goddesses, act as overriding cloaking mantles of things we should aspire too. Humanity, supposedly held in check and spiritually controlled by the concept of an all powerful overseeing god, fails to acknowledge that most human actions and patterning have been founded upon the arrogant, impertinence of thought that this god is always on our side and, therefore, we who believe in him have the "god given" right to be master and controllers of this world.

One of the universal intuitive messages, if we here on this planet are willing to accept it, is that no one on this planet is in communication with or has the ear of a divine god figure anywhere in the Cosmos. The plain reality is, this Universe we live in does not function in that particular imagined human centric way. Our gods and goddesses and their given rights are merely contrived from human driven logic and need to exert control. While many of us seek emotional comfort in the myths surrounding our intellectually created deities, we do not realize that this mode and style of none rational thinking does not mesh well within the grander prime reality. Religion simply affords us excuses for our wrong doings and worse yet, for the offerings placed on a collection plate, totally pardons us from our corrupted actions and unethical daily practices, a convenient human designed loop that completely excludes all of Cosmic reality.

While religious documentation and authority provides us with the godly license for our planetary actions, it is the corporate, industrial, and our entertainment sectors who are the goons and thugs performing humanities dirty work. Corporations, civilizations collective realization to generate profits, have no soul, no conscience and absolutely no public responsibility, other than to make profits for their shareholders. Ironically as it turns out many of us are those eager owners of traded stocks; we all want our profits and dividends and are willingly and willfully sacrificing the future of human civilization in order to secure our present day corporate returns.

Again in a desire to master and shape meaningful societies we label different government systems; from democracy to communistic collectives, to socialist unions, or dictators. While Western governments seduce voters into believing they are living in a free and democratic society, they are virtually pretenders playing at the political game of democracy. Communistic values will always fail to compensate for the human tendency to only work when there is personal gain. Dictators sadly always connive to simply eliminate their political opposition. These pigeon hole titles, however, simply mask a much darker reality regardless of the designation. In the end they are the exact same thing, human beings continually lusting for societal power and political control over others.

There is no doubt that our Western way of existence is also shaped by a notion we hold dear, that of human "free will." Freedom is considered to be our "democratic" right, that ability to do literally anything that is determined to be ethically and morally within the defined boundaries of our societal laws. Few pay attention to the fact that there must be an equilibrium realized between having a laissez-faire yet controlled democratic freedom and the actual responsibility in having it. When our much cherished free will is coupled in a partnership of non-responsible actions, as it often is under the stewardship of non-caring commerce, freedom then manifests a detrimental attitude in our lives and has a dramatic impact on the planet and our civilization.

The intellectual side of our modern day civilization is not remembering the language of the real world. We do not completely realize that the industrially founded course we are presently on, is ironically not going to allow us enough developmental time to take flight into and travel through space as a cresting intelligent species. Within the coming decades we will have to start diverting the bulk of our earthly resources just to deal with threatening global warming issues, putting out the constant "fires" of the impending fateful ecological implosion cascade. Humanity, as we hasten to better ourselves by carelessly becoming affluent, watches naively as the crown of the worldly "tree" is rapidly withering. It has not occurred to us that the planetary warming catastrophe that's presently coalescing and our much cherished human affluence are inextricably linked tightly together.

As we look out on the darkened night sky and witness the wealth of fiery suns in our own Milky Way galaxy, we see that Earth is just one among thousands of galaxies in the entirety of the universe. However, trying to look for help within this vast universe is no more of a solution than our religious concepts of soul saving. There is no one to come and help if we carelessly and foolishly destroy the only safe place we know to live and survive on. The Cosmos tells us that other habitable worlds are simply too far away for us to reach in any great numbers, if ever. The clue here is to learn how to function in harmony with our planet. The caring and preservation of the primal life force, creation, is the single most important aspect of all reality.

The earth itself is a reflection in a microcosm of the intimate workings of the grander cosmos and the bridge to our eventually achieving inner worth as a species. Actuality is our universal binding reality, true seeing of this world, and learning the scope and intent of the cosmos clearly and cleanly, and doing so with no attached agendas, no hidden purpose in mind.

The truth is, it is also no different in our day to day personal lives. Tapping into and reading the subtle intricacies and nuances of daily communication is an art we humans value. Those that master and achieve true peace of mind, are those who are intuitively intelligent and those who do well at informing and also being informed. They make use of core based knowledge that awakens them to their emotional underpinnings, understanding that every aspect of a life, every action one takes has an effect on others and the world they inhabit. They are no longer trapped within the human contrived notions of success and failure, something that is forced upon us by an irrational self serving none endurable system of existence. When that particular cage door is swung open we are then free to become part of the valued, decent human amalgam reaching for that threshold of awareness and enlightenment.

The Cosmos and this planet in particular, metaphorically can be seen in the reflecting mirrors of our souls that illuminate the way for us through our human eyes, and in the organically inspired imaginings awakening and stirring the wellspring of our minds. Signs and clues of existence are the maps to planetary and cosmic awareness leading us all into a deepening reality of ongoing infinite creative impulse.

The veils between our intuitive emotional intelligence and how we learn to interpret these Cosmic gifts relates directly to how well we survive as a person and ultimately as a civilization and species. By learning to become aware of and by paying true respect to the planet and its living environment, by thinking of ourselves as cosmic visitors and acting like grateful guests, by tuning ourselves into the intuitive universal frequency, each one of us can learn to distinguish what is morally right, ethically decent, and in the end always completely truthful.

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