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We walk on a fool's path towards a destiny where infinite starry, starry nights may never be seen by future human eyes, may never be imagined through the wealth of human thought; starry nights that will show themselves alone in the black dark immensity of a future non-imagined infinity.

This fool's path we are on is overflowing with many of our democratically encouraged freedoms. From the endless choice of material possessions including the many edible varieties of foods we have available, to the ability we have to travel widely and the power to create an affluent healthy life style. We enjoy the freedom to forge in every way possible our own personal self-interests. However, the painful reality is, these democratically inspired privileges we all enjoy stand steadfastly in the way of and even interfere with much needed necessary measures. By conveniently blocking or thwarting those essential but extremely tough actions that are required to control and mitigate the human forged industrialized global warming threat.

Future sentient life, if any survives the impending planetary biosphere catastrophe, will no doubt judge us and find that we were ultimately responsible for not acting in a proper manner to prevent the planetary eco sphere collapse from occurring. We all look the other way and hide in the fact that someone else, namely our governments will simply take care of things for us. Yet in reality the current form of highly manipulated commercially distorted democracy that we presently practice will literally prevent us from being responsible, from being ethical, from being worthy of the life we have been granted on this planet.

While we appear free to act responsibly and immediately wean our culture off the trinity of the offending harmful fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas, we are also free to retain and support our decadent western life style and privileges. To drive around in untold millions of biosphere harming automobiles each and every day, or to travel long distances using badly polluting monster sized jet planes. We are free to use incredibly dirty sludge like bunker oil in our ocean going ships to transport items too us that are being manufactured half way around the world. We are free to move virtually all of our industrialized foodstuff and material goods by biosphere polluting trucks or trains.

It is not surprising that almost all of the issues responsible for the impending planetary civilized meltdown revolve around concerns regarding our blatant present day abuse, the overuse of environmentally harmful fossil fuel energy and our attitudes that we seem to have the democratically sanctioned right to expect continued growth and ongoing never ending unsustainable prosperity.

Our entire modern world is addicted too and depends heavily on polluting fossil fuels to function and maintain itself. We all seem to take for granted that we have some insane "god given" democratic right to burn vast quantities of these fuels, regardless of the effects they have on the planet. Between the freedom worshipping democratic mode of governance that we believe we must live under and the mercenary corporately devised strategy for life that is deeply rooted and firmly in place, we are literally destroying this planet's delicately poised biosphere. The planet's life sustaining eco-structure is literally crumbling and falling apart before us, suffocating to death under the weight of the demands placed upon it by humanities overpopulated overbearing endless wants and insatiable greedy needs.

This notion we have of democracy, something we as a society cherish so much, is actually being used and abused by those agenda driven thugs and bullies in both the political and corporate worlds. The truth is, we the public as a society are only really free to parade in unison, moving slowly forward but in a tightly tethered hold, circling around the paved over parking lots of box store malls, pushed along zombie like clutching our newly acquired material possessions. Moving in the fossil fuel stoked automatons parade of civilized fools, marching closer in spirit than we would care to admit in close step with those long conveyer belt fed industrial coal fires. That orange glow of industrialism's driving fire is brightly illuminating and shadow reflecting our terminally fated planetary destiny, which undulates in the inferno's flickering and radiating continually rising and always wavering glowing orange red chimera of fossil fuel banked empowering heat.

We here in the Western world somehow arrogantly imagine that we have the democratic right to dictate to the entire human world, profitable global free trade business arrangements and agendas, conveniently sourced out of country to make use of third world coal powered slave labor factories. We believe we have the democratically sanctioned right to immensely prosper for ourselves while huge parts of the world suffer from global warming induced droughts. We do not see that by robbing other countries of their intellects as well as their commodities we are nothing more than common collective thief's stealing from the disadvantaged. We easily delude ourselves that we are helping to rise a poorer countries standard of living, when the truth is we make a tiny minority of their business class enormously wealth, while they use the rest of their population like modern slaves.

We wage endless wars in the name of bringing a badly corrupted version of "democracy" and literally impolitely crudely forcing it onto everyone on the planet; using the brutality and force of ethically repugnant war to simply open up eventual markets for further democratically driven business expansion. Our power-blinded vision never seems to learn that you cannot force Western chosen and militarily backed leaders with a propped up false democracy onto populations in far-flung parts of the world. They just might prefer another system of rule and law, and are entitled to have their own opinions on self ruling issues.

Our current democratic system also gives us the right to make use of litigation based law and the use of a quadruple redundancy judicial system, local, province/state, federal and finally the supreme court to block and delay much needed green house gas mitigation projects or the shutting down of badly polluting commercial entities. It gives our powerful soulless corporations the democratic right to continually search for, then mine out and finally process lethal and deadly substances, coal oil and natural gas that are detrimental to the planet's ecological long term stability and well being.

It will in the end be the very last democratic corporately ordered but totalitarian produced nail that's driven in civilization's coal fire powered industrially manufactured, slave labor made, well advertised box store half priced special. Our oak particle board corner chipped veneer coffin, all neatly packaged but with parts missing, ultimately the instructions are left unread, therefore it will be clumsily self assembled, a cheap rather ill fitting, but somehow it is an appropriate fate for mercenary inspired, just in time, bottom line, profit driven but democratic human civilization.

That last nail is the one that allows badly polluting industries and irresponsible corporations to fight off closure or much stronger government controls. And the "not in my backyard" land owners banding together as a collective to block and thwart those necessary mega wind turbine farms, measures required to try and save our one and only biosphere. We will use and abuse the mercenarily inspired court system that we have, and that is the democratically appointed blind to reality intellectually corrupted last stand place of criminal protective refuge, to simply drag things out for decades on end, well past the time we should have acted on these important civilization saving issues.

We the public who do actually still vote, simply will not allow the politicians we elect to move ahead on what really needs doing. We make it clear that we do not want to pay more taxes and that we want those we do pay to be reduced. As a result our collective civilized infrastructure simply crumbles away in front of us and any steps required to mitigate the global warming threat are so watered down by an artificially driven highly corrupted democracy that they barely count.

Democracy started out being government with the supreme power vested in the people and exercised directly by them. It is supposed to be a society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges. But the reality is we are all tricked and deceived by this democracy we cherish so much. The truth is many of us vote in complete ignorance of party style truths or lack a formal understanding of the issues. Governments can only manipulate their societies when the electorate has been lied too or in many cases kept in the dark. Our present democracy has gone through the seedy egotistically driven mill of human intellectual abuse and corporeal corruption and is now nothing more than a corrupted party run big business style of democracy, that's literally light years from anything that resembles a genuine worthy sustainable collectively governing concept.

The voting population elects into power those political parties that you might say, reflects the public and gives them what they deserve. We do it to continue living our lives of lies, completely detached and alien from primary organic nature. We do it because we are ethically and morally greedy. We do it without caring of the outcome. We do it without thinking of the genuine reality. We do it because we are ignorant of our cosmic role here on this planet. We do it because we are driven to do it by our own self-imaged "god" in whom we place all of our misplaced trust. While we do it because we ignore the truth and the signs of planetary life that's in trouble which highlights and informs those who are core connected and therefore will pay heed.

As fossil fuel addicted junkies we do not wish to sacrifice our present life style to the responsibility of trying to save this planet's life supporting environment. In order to protect and save the current status quo, our present human civilization just might in collective apathy, carelessness and insensitivity, allow inter-generational genocide to become the preferable option. We will deny much of future human and natural wildlife generations their right to a properly functioning life sustaining planetary biosphere. We the past and present sentient civilization literally collectively become inter-generational mass murderers, unwitting criminals directly responsible for the impending genocide of present and future human, wildlife, and organic plant entities on this planet.

The clues and signals on our planetary reality are intuitively foreshadowing. The most profound of them all is this, we are all eating our democratically produced butter cream cake today, but tomorrow it will come out of our bodies as nothing more than smelly feces. If we live decadent, uncaring, irresponsible lives today the future for the planet and ultimately our civilization will be badly affected by the off gassing and waste of affluence. If we were to live well meaning, caring, and responsible lives, our species could mature and become truly worthy of this cosmic realm.

Sadly human beings appear to be sightless to the genuine core reality of cosmic existence, we see ourselves as somehow separate and insanely godly inspired thus completely detached. We can not find the courage to acknowledge we are the off spring from this planet. We conceive of and function under the thumb of a faulty conception of a supreme being drawn from our own self image that distorts our anchor to cosmic reality. We humans should be building upon and taking this planet's evolutionary creation to a place where humanities self-imaged and self interested intellectually contrived gods will all vanish before the naked truth of organic planet realized cosmic existence.

It is perhaps the children of today that we must properly encourage; the youth that will eventually live long enough to see the destruction of the planet's fragile ecology issue forth by birthing storms of torrential winds and drowning rains into a formalized reality. If there is hope for future civilization, it is to be found in the new seeds of creation, our children. Who with more insight might adopt and enforce an "Earthocratic" form of existence. Leadership that is not shackled by a party system that ultimately rips itself apart with petty infighting. Leadership that is not beholding to a multitude of commercial interests. A leadership that is not drawn from every and anybody who wants to run for public office, but is instead highly educated in the science of biosphere dynamics. And consequently always puts this Earth first and foremost in an "Earthocracy" style of governance, well before we think of considering ourselves.

But we must warn our children away from the current fool's path that we are presently marching down. We must keep them away from modern day adult ignorance, apathy, and indifference. We must protect them from the invasive mentality of commercial interests that continually immerses them in the sewers of audio and visual violence, promoting unethical behavior and irresponsible modes of conception and thinking.

We allow our democratic mercenary freedoms to literally influence and turn our children into uncaring destructive beings. Who in turn become completely alien and detached from the cosmic reality and thus removed from genuine nature, alien to common respect, alien to human decency, alien to the potential in humanity, we have literally become the aliens on this planet. We should be imparting to our children the required intellectual tools to become cosmically worthy beings, issued forth from the infinity of evolutionary creation, sentient beings that should be encouraged through the collective instilled wisdom of a healthy society, to recognize the fool's path and literally reshape it through intelligent intuitive informed civilized manifested creation.

To create a respectful "Earthocratic" inspired planetary environment where even something as insignificant as diminutive as a tiny humming bird or perhaps the tiniest grain of sand in this universe is literally equivalent to our most cherished material possession. A place where the agenda driven all conniving democratic order that's in bed inseminating and impregnating those corporate visions of a corrupted human industrial will, and can only grunt and flail in utter vainness against the genuine realm of those far away illusive starry, starry nights. Points of hope that are in truth beacons and clues pointing and illuminating the way for collective sentient humanity, to realize the potential there is of eventual cosmic companionship.

Sadly however we appear to be an evolutionarily inspired planetary sentient force that has become wayward and lost in our present democracies industrial off spring, rampant materialism. We are literally adrift and it appears completely sightless to the core of manifest reality, lacking a true understanding of our planetary role, and appearing to be totally visionless, as a result we are well into ultimately becoming cosmically irredeemable. Unless our children the immediate future of human civilization, whom we are sadly ill equipping with a decent respectful core foundation, might possibly redeem that cosmic potential that we current human beings in our profound blindness to this reality, have yet to even discover.

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