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Author, Charles Dickens, penned a famous novel in the middle of the 18th century titled "A Christmas Carol". In it the character Scrooge is visited by his deceased business partner Jacob Marley who returns as an unhappy apparition dragging a lengthy chain, the rattling and clanking reminding us of his miserly acts and unethical behaviour. Marley's ghost comes with a warning for Scrooge to mend his mean spirited grasping ways while there is still time. Roused from the nightmare Scrooge is stirred into an emotional "awakening" thus rekindling the respect for humanity that he had so many years ago cast aside.

Dickens defined and illustrated our moral baggage. His story gave hope that it was possible to make amends whenever we stray from ethical, honourable pathways. However if that tale were told today the chain of misdeeds would be much more potent and darkly ominous.

Although Dickens was heated by it during inclement weather, transported to his talks and lectures by its burning power, and had food warmed by it, he knew little too nothing of the eventual harm generated by the burning of coal, a fossil fuel that produces dangerous green house gasses. Only recently, after seeing the demise of numerous wildlife species and threateningly observable climate change has the idea of long term sustainability on our home world, more affectionately known as "Mother Earth," begun to percolate and filter through our distracted internalized self indulgent consciousness.

What follows is an exploration and personal quest to provide a perspective, if only to myself, for sowing the seeds of momentum towards living an aware cosmically granted life, and to try and weave the notion of much needed sustainability into the long term human survival equation.

Unfortunately humanities progress is solely measured on the blind and irrational impulse of cornering societal power and amassing obscene amounts of wealth. We fracture and mock genuine core ethics through our actions and lack of planetary manners. Honour and respect for our earthly mother should be our first priority. Guardianship is the caring and cognisant role that humanity should have more graciously adopted, that of being an appreciative enlightened nurturing overseer to this fertile cosmic jewel.

When we began to intellectually separate ourselves from our earthly roots, we literally lost our way. The great divide occurred during the time we grasped that the earth was actually in motion around the fiery sun and, therefore, was not the centre of the universe. Our original intellectual imaginings of the cosmos had been ones of error. When we finally realised the truth of our planet's place in the solar system, we began not only a quest for more technical knowledge but demanded our thoughts be based solely on scientific reason. As a result we also pulled out the intuitive umbilical cord that was intimately tethered to "Mother Earth". This quickly separated human civilisation from its core insightful underpinnings.

From that point onward, with feelings and inner intuitions gutted and stripped away from experiences our intellects were left carelessly out of balance. Sadly we eventually arrived at a point of utterly disconnecting ourselves from our guiding intuitive insights, and today without that equilibrium we are well into industrially fabricating an inevitable brick wall crash reality. Unsustainable greedy human actions run counter to long term planetary survival.

The more grasping and intellectually wilful among us knowingly manipulate worldly issues, even to the point of attempting to exert a form of mind control over the human populace. We sanction the careless and rapid depletion of earthly resources merely for profitable gain or the emotionless defiling of landscape and the extermination of so many earthly creatures. Mega corporations are turning the human race into nothing less than robot like consumer junkies, creating a drug like societal dependence for always acquiring the latest in manufactured merchandise.

We are driven continually towards earning more market share or to seek out and accrue mere monitory profits. We allow, even audaciously promote, emotionally barren conceptions of life the freedom and manipulative will to control and govern everything within our societal borders. We fall victim to controlling patriarchal "intellectualitis," the gross misinterpretation and purposeful bending and twisting of basic core logic, thus distorting and obscuring important intuitive clues and guides. Even spiritually we strive to fulfil our own greedy wishes with the often repeated fact that "god in whom we trust" has given humans the moral and ethical right to be the master of all on this planet.

This inorganically contrived laissez-faire style of existence is unfortunately accompanied by a reckless grabbing at self betterment that relies solely on the notion that humans must exert control and seize mercenary dominance of our little world. Like Scrooge and Marley societies have become devious and cunning in conviction as well as blatantly dishonourable in all their worldly actions.

Humans, heartless in their affairs often lack the capacity to have their intellectual abilities judged and challenged by their intuitively based inner conscience. An emotional conscience or the required hardwiring existing between the mind and psyche to formulate an honourable perspective to life is simply absent. While we admire and diligently test literal intelligence, bestowing great importance to cold technical reason, we pay absolutely no attention to our warming foundational core, our guiding intuitive emotional faculties.

We humans may currently be setting the agenda but we are in no way isolated from our cosmic and earthly surroundings or from the other life forms that also inhabit this living realm. Unchecked intellectual thought advances the notion that there is a separateness between the real world and the artificially conceived human one. The idea that the plants, animals, and humans are not tightly woven and intertwined in an embrace of complete oneness, is a gross and moral corruption of our core being. It is a distortion of basic reality that reflects how twisted and demented we have permitted our thinking streams to gravitate, and how we collectively have allowed our core intuitive wisdom to become so tainted with internal mould and rot that it carelessly drifts and meanders light years from its true cosmic course.

The discerningly powerful and eventful real world that exists out beyond the back door of the artificially staged human world is one of tangible land, forest, water, sky, and numerous animal species as well as the fundamental ecosphere supporting the life principles of creation, preservation, and destruction.

It should come as no surprise that the human concocted, falsely contrived existence playing out in our materialistically forged disrespectful realms of commerce, entertainment, and faith collide literally head on with the natural cycles and the as of yet still unfolding core intuitive reality. While some of us may believe that we fully understand planetary fragility intellectually, most of us do not seem to realise that we are literally clinging onto life; firmly surface bound on a very small lifeboat-like water world. A tiny sphere that is adrift in a vast expanse of a non-life supporting vacuum of an outer space ocean.

Life and its continuance for the human species actually means living long term and doing it successfully within the living microcosm of this planet, truly our only home. Interstellar distances are simply far too great at this point in our all too brief existence, we literally do not have enough developmental time stretched out in front of us to imagine the possibilities, conceptualise the necessity, and then forge the technology that will allow us the opportunity of possibly starting over on another world many light years distant, if we could even find one that is within our grasp.

Whether we realise it or not, we are at that point of industrially producing even ruthlessly fabricating a global habitation deterioration and rapid decline, by aggressively forcing a planetary bio-diversity meltdown of epic proportions. We have allowed our fragile planetary symbiosis to become fouled and corrupted by our thoughtless ways and total lack of respectful planetary actions. Exactly what kind of irrationally motivated organically founded species would continue to act against their own better interests by defiling their habitat and permitting a detrimental boom and ultimate crash consequence to heedlessly play out on their only known source of long term survival?

We know that existence in evolutionary terms is one continuous cycle of creation, maintenance and then ultimately destruction only to have it all begin again. The stronger more easily adaptable species, the ones able to change and adjust to new and difficult conditions will ultimately be the survivors. We humans are a resourceful collection of individuals that will find a way to thrive no matter what state or condition the planet evolves itself into under our careless tutelage. Could this be the clue to understanding why we have the intelligence to know how indecently we are treating our environment. Knowing full well that our continuing actions will eventually make it a much more difficult place to inhabit. Yet we take little or no action to stem the oncoming hardships that we are certainly forging and shaping for future human and wildlife generations. Are we prepared to simply turn a blind eye to the realisation that we are also causing the ruination and ending of so many other innocent earthly species?

The unseemly fact is most of our commerce and industry, as well as our governments have placed themselves at the end of our planetary life boat that carelessly disrespects and disregards fundamental wisdom. By purposely stripping away and long rejecting their core emotional beacons they are free to literally gorge themselves in a staged commercial banquet from the perceived limitless rations contained in Earth's supply lockers.

Over the past countless centuries of human life, virtually little in the way of genuine intuitive insightful significance has been nurtured and encouraged to evolve. We all take our early cues and formulate reasoning cast strictly from a materialistic viewpoint that pervades and suffocates our immediate environment. Perhaps in some respects humanity's greatest weakness is not to be found in our technical inability to fully explore the galaxy, but more in our lack of realisation and conviction in real world intuitive intelligence. Without our emotions taking their rightful place at the centre stage in our lives and our civilisation, we simply do not have a hope of joining the dots of intuitive awareness and making that fundamental leap between our individual or collective daily behaviours and the future and the well being of the entire planetary biosphere.

Thankfully there are some fully rounded real world human beings, who are acutely aware of their time and place in this cosmos. They understand that all human striving at betterment must be based on the fundamental core principle that bestows honour and respect for other life forms and in no way interferes with the planet's bio diversity or the wholeness found in long term evolutionary trends. They act with care for this living realm, leaving the smallest respectful survival footprint that is organically possible.

These aware individuals are those cognisant humans positioned at the other end of our planetary lifeboat. They are anxiously attempting to halt or simply bail out the looming and coming human created calamity, trying to keep the tiny lifeboat of Earth viable and a float for a little while longer. All the time being jeered and even sneered at by the patriarchal testosterone based masses and in general being yawned at and ignored by the rest of humanity.

As I intuitively perceive it, what is played out on a minuscule scale in our personal lives, will ultimately be reflected by society in general and will certainly have an impact and consequence to the planet. Society, that greater collective of us all, should be even more aware of the fact that everyone, indeed absolutely everything on the planet is very closely interconnected and intertwined in a symbiotic procession that is dancing around the Cosmically stoked fires of unfolding wholeness.

Personal judgement, human societal insight, as well as a conscious recognition of the grander infinite cosmic realm, all depend for continued healthful progressive durability on the survival and endurance coding found within the domain of "intuitive core wisdom." This fundamental motivating guiding authority helps to influence and mature, aiding in the growth and development of one's personal inner cognisance. This same foundation bedrock of worth is also a clue leading us to an even grander Cosmically aware mastery of life. In a truly enlightened cosmically mindful world the core values of compassion, responsibility, and commitment would always be part of any governing actions.

However even on an individual level it is difficult not to become engrossed in and be virtually swallowed up by artificial societal conventions. Our need to find acceptance, to be worthy of praise and acclaim sends us down paths we might question as undeserving if we were only aware to think of them. It is easy to give a voice to ideals. It is quite another matter to actually physically live a respectful and worthy life. While most of us might acknowledge that they are somewhat aware of the planet's problems and who on this earth would admit to not caring, we have not resolved the need to transform this cogent knowledge into meaningful learned behaviour.

Only by infusing tolerance with a mutual respect for all earthly life into our collective behaviours can we become part of a positive consequential result. Although no two humans see the world in exactly the same way, many of us can agree on those essential ethical codes of conduct to anchor and guide our lives. Those core values are universal in nature and work on many levels. They do not change with time, they cross all borders, and all styles of thinking modes.

By blending an intuitive emotional awareness and intellectual understanding we come to realise that everything on the planet is intertwined in an eternal symbiotic dance of unfolding oneness. Therefore every human action counts, none being thought of as too small or considered too insignificant. We should realise that it is truly an honour and privilege to be born and live a life on this planet, that we humans have the potential to grow into a sentient life force that fully understands, working within the frame work of the endlessly evolving primordial process of ongoing creation. Possibly maturing to a completely evolved intellectually and emotionally mature organic species, one with a highly developed sense of Cosmic mindfulness. Perhaps given enough time to eventually mellow into an "enlightened" life force, one that is truly worthy of this purposeful happenstance of universal existence, a species ready to explore and chart the grander cosmos.

In the end when all is said and done, it should be noted that we at least tried to make amends for our early on careless actions, attempting to do so while there was still time left. Could we be like Dickens' Scrooge waking up one morning knowing with certain resolve how to live and become worthy of the privilege of sharing in the prime reality on this little planet. With courage we should dare to look out past the edge of our limited finite human bound horizons and follow our conceptualisations far beyond comfortable but in truth present day very badly managed realities. Each one of us, individually makes the choice to honour our personal life through an intellect that is emotionally enriched, as well as paying honour and respect to the grander cosmos by being part of the earthly resolution brought about through a sustainable code of earthly being.

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