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When we think back to our prehistoric cave dwelling ancestors we generally imagine them hobbling around with wooden clubs resting on their shoulders, poised to kill pray or perhaps bully and intimidate each other for tribal control; their daily existence consumed with the basic concepts of survival, food for a hungry belly, and shelter from the elements. While our understanding of the natural earthly ecosystems on this planet were driven mainly from fear, we contrived creation myths based on endless, repeated cycles of evolutionary inspired creation, maintenance, and destruction.

In our past the future seemed endlessly sustainable, having evolved over millions of years. However, this current generation of humanity is the first to face the reality that this cosmic world is engaged in a serious skirmish of wills. Modern western oriented civilization is clashing with the organic bio-weave of planetary reality. This battle is rapidly unfolding into an epic struggle between our careless formulation of life, an industrialized cut and thrust corporately driven juggernaut of continual growth that is defying the natural flow emanating from nature and has pitted itself against the planet's primary organically motivated impetus.

Human behaviour, supported by ultimately ruinous attitudes, is in direct opposition to the fundamental constructs and basic realities inherent in cosmic planetary existence. No doubt, urbanized post apocalyptic rubble dwellers, survivors of the collapse of this civilization will clutch a gun for control and dominance as the first weapon, that wooden club, once hewn out of a living tree might no longer exist.

From 1838 to the 1850's scientist Charles Darwin awoke too and was quietly contemplating evolution and its driving impetus, internally manifesting the inspiration that would ultimately be published in his celebrated book, "On The Origin Of Species". Darwin could not know then that the potential source of impending mass biological extinction had all ready been inseminated and was gestating in the minds of rapacious individuals. The driving force of the current ecological catastrophe-in-waiting was to be nothing less than humanities unrestrained industriousness, our always persistent mercantile impetus with its rampant attention to overriding self interest. This critical factor fostered an avaricious incredibly careless disregard for the planet and its many natural organic creations.

The birthing and introduction of a commercially nurtured Industrial Revolution between 1760 and 1780 would eventually be combined with "scrooge" like miserly business attitudes that were in turn wilfully supported by western religious doctrine. This combination introduced and unleashed an ecologically threatening scenario into the planet's delicate life supporting biosphere scenario. We have nurtured a greed inspired covetous planetary role for humanity, a way of being that is dominated and justified only by profitable always righteous, in God we trust, self interest.

The collective known as humanity has turned itself into a rapidly growing planet wide, weed like invasive arrogant species. With an attitude to life on this planet that is proficient at birthing and fostering a crime like ecologically harmful mercantile vulgarity. We have collectively become a dominion of carelessly motivated corporately lead planetary sheep that are being fed, clothed, and housed. A corralled herd of organic automatons that are roped and dragged, ironically quite willingly but naively along behind our political and corporate detached masters. We have allowed the ruthless among us to wilfully introduce a code of ethics and morality into our collective thought stream, espousing the concept that this planet is ours for unbridled endless, mercenary pillage.

This role of endless, ongoing, economically instigated fossil fuel stoked growth that we have adopted, has indeed been highly successful for us. It is now infused into humanities collective imagination, becoming western civilization's founding outlook for a successful and worthy life. The driving force of material crazed wants and desires, the constant aggressive never ending demands on this planet's limited finite resources and our complete neglect of ecological and biosphere duty bound realties, should more rightly be viewed as ethically and morally reprehensible.

This type of life does provide many of us with adequate health care, a stable and reliable food supply and continuing productivity for countless millions. However proud we are of our accomplishments and modernized advancements we have to also acknowledge that this relentless mercantile "revolution" comes with an attached unseen unprecedented and impossible to pay price tag. This planet is now handing us the bill for our industrialized religiously corrupted civilized human realm, and the truth is, we essentially can not pay for it.

The notion of responsible caring stewardship regarding the planet's finely tuned and delicately functioning ecological construction, a natural reality that is truly worthy of nurture and preservation, is the only path that will provide a sustainable outcome for humanity.

The little blue planet we collectively call our earth, is fully organic from its inception to the earliest beginnings, including the daily reality of its fundamental inner core workings. Inherent planetary rhythms function on the premise of maintaining those inter-connective ecological foundations that carefully support all of its naturally evolved life. Slowly over hundreds, no indeed thousands of millions even billions of years, quite deliberately through a long history of progress, decline, then progress, it has finally evolved itself into a stable very highly tuned eco-functioning biosphere. This planet is literally a miracle of bountiful life formed by the infinite cosmos, it gives and supports life in great abundance but also takes and consumes life without hesitation, enfolding it back into itself whenever it is deemed to be required.

Building now with a pace of slow but relenting determination even if somewhat subtly this magnificent cosmic jewel, this tiny space oasis teeming with life in an ocean of vacuous cosmic space has begun to react with increasing evolutionary hostility to the irresponsible harmful actions of its overly aggressive highly intelligent hominid species, we upright bipedal human beings.

It is sheer folly on our behalf to believe that we could continue to act like completely irresponsible polluting planetary tenants and continue to get away with it. What is not sustainable is exactly what we have fashioned for ourselves; it is a way of life that is too swollen, too egotistical and is literally a dead ended conception that will collapse in on itself from sheer overly excessive material greed.

While we might believe we are the intelligent aware force inhabiting this planet, one might question what other species would knowingly foster and encourage the inevitable destruction of its own life critical habitat? We are the only species without controlling predators, except of course for ourselves. Even supposedly "unaware" planetary wildlife does not knowingly defile their living habitat.

Throughout the past millennium of humanities billions of lives lived, we have paid little mind and have not devoted enough attention to the genuine requirements of living in this planetary reality. It comes down to our intuitive lack of understanding and failure to grasp the true intention for our cosmic lives.

Our economic impetus has been to move outside and away from the framework of natural planetary reality. In the coming years and decades ahead a clash of planetary will verses corporate aim and direction will certainly unfold. The planet's mean surface temperature will rise and we will certainly surpass these extremely dangerous life threatening thresholds, indeed there is the potential to surge past these catastrophic tipping points of no return.

Many of our leading scientists fear that a torrent of interconnected cascading self perpetuating ecologically destructive planetary feed back loops will be induced to stir and awaken to life. These are the primordial beasts that help to drive evolution's machinery, they will rise up from eons of calm slumber and will be kick started into unstoppable planetary action. A chain of sudden ecological collapses will commence, each one invariably provoking others to follow in turn. Metaphorically speaking it will be like dominoes falling, triggering a landslide of interrelated cascading actions to occur and manifest, thus allowing the planet's evolutionary impetus and not humanity to take over primary control of the biosphere agenda.

These cascading planetary events will be an evocative portrayal of evolution's changing of the guards, bringing with it devastating and very damaging consequences to our frail human ecologically unenlightened worldly manifestation. Our fate is already madly scribbling itself onto the wall of our certain dead ended destiny, in it's cascading wake, evolution the deciding factor will have to step in and do what it must do; it will bring we insatiable human beings into line through a process of summoning up planetary change of mode evolutionarily driven protocols.

The infamous Kyoto protocols of the mid nineteen nineties were in effect an international wake up call asking countries to take extremely minimal actions to try and reduce the production of consumer and industrial green house gasses, literal trying to reduce our overall carbon dioxide output by only six percent. Even at this extremely tiny level of downward adjustment we have fought and squabbled bitterly over having to reduce and minimize our careless endless off-gassing. Many countries like my own have even increased carbon production and have simply failed to take much if any action regarding this binding international agreement.

The true irony of our squabbling and haggling over the six percent Kyoto reduction protocols is that we should be reducing our green house gases by up to ninety percent if we want to survive and live ecologically friendly long term sustainable lives on this planet.

It would appear quite plainly that we are nearing a dead-ended junction in our history. This infinite cosmos has provided us with ample intuitive warning signs and demonstrable clues as to what sort of life a carbon dioxide laden atmosphere can and will support. There are a number of planets in our solar system that have just such atmospheres, Venus and Mars are two of the best examples, and not surprisingly they are our closest brother and sister planetary neighbours.

Our own planet has already dispatched a fateful preparatory harbinger, a solemn sign pointing to serious impending trouble. It arrived here riding on the hurricane winds of our fate. Showing up in a number of climate related expressions such as torrential rainstorms with their overflow and flooding in areas never before seen. Severe yearly droughts occurring with resulting crop failures. Tremendously destructive exceptionally violent wind, lightening, thunder, and hail storms, much stronger and larger than normal hurricanes including hundreds of extreme mega destructive tornadoes. Exceptional hot and long dry spells in the summer accompanied by nation wide major wildfires burning through tinder dry forests and scrabble brush lands. Wildlife acting strangely or simply dying off for no apparent reason.

Along the path of human life we have taken, there have been many clues and signs that should have been inspirational and illuminated our understanding of this cosmic reality. The space race of the 1960s was one of these events. Perhaps humanities greatest and no doubt best industrial scientific achievement to date, that of landing humans on our moon, Earth's closest solar system neighbour. This was the opportunity for each one of us to actually see how incredibly finite our reality truly is; that of a tiny blue dot, this Earth, all alone in vacuous none life supporting never ending cosmos.

Eventually in the coming decades ahead, as we arrogantly carry on making little and in many cases no changes to our present habits, the ultimate harbinger of them all, mass death and immanent extinction will formally step out of darkened shadows of the nether world and onto the global stage, revealing its full presence to a shocked and well deserving but in many ways not surprised human civilization.

Humanity will no doubt flock in great numbers to their many places of worship and pray in earnest to none existent intellectually contrived self imaged gods. They will not even think of begging for forgiveness from this planet, humanities true conceiving and birth Mother. Literally the only place which gave everything life and sustained that life until sheer greedful sentient stupidity destroyed the life sustaining biosphere.

Something that had been graciously provided through the quirkiness of incredibly scarce random originating fate by the grander cosmos. A womb like place where all life conceived and birthed might survive symbiotically, thriving until eventually time and experience matured the aware sentient manifestation into an entity worthy of exploring the grander universe.

Sadly our fate at that point will be cast in stone and it will be far too late to attempt to do anything about it. Nature who ultimately controls this planet in every respect will no doubt open up and stretch out once again the evolution hand it has been holding close and keeping closed while it's sentient life fulfilled its destiny and matured. It will literally step in and claim this planet back from us. And why not, we now represent a genuine threat to the entire planet wide biosphere and everything it is supporting.

Humanity will literally be forced on the run, chased down and driven to ground by the ultimate predator, provoked planetary evolutionary hounds that have been sent from Hades to literally chase us off this planet. What better way one might argue for the planet to simply rid itself of us than to make living here virtually an impossible reality.

As an organic species we have no doubt misplaced or overlooked that presence of thought and creative conception regarding intuitively inspired insightful inter connectivity. It is truly amazing that it was only thirty short years ago that the concept of planet Earth as an actual living organism itself was conceived and gained merit. The reality that everything was closely interconnected in a delicate tenuous symbiotic dance of cosmic life was an unheard scarcely thought premise especially in modern scientific circles.

For centuries we failed to acknowledge and fully recognize how interconnected Homo Sapiens have been with the planet itself. The more advanced we have become as a species the more withdrawn we are from the very environment that gave us our lives. We have, however, never been able to devise a life style completely void of the natural realm, as evidenced through our sheer joy whenever we are lucky enough to spend time in the realm of non-economically minded planetary nature.

We sought to control this connection, funneling it into summer holiday camping, canoe gliding along on our magnificent lakes and day long hiking in our national or provincial parks. We plant gardens and feel humbled and sense awe in the plant life produced from a tiny seed that always remembers and generates a new beginning. We all long to touch nature and in turn be touched by the essence of infinity, a sign of our intimate relationship with the core of eternal cosmic creation.

The overlooked and ignored fundamental synchronicity of nature in our planetary reality, is one of post modern civilization's most profound intellectual misunderstandings. That inability to comprehend and fathom the plain simple truth about planetary being, and thus it is an "Achilles Heal" and humanities single greatest end inducing downfall.

Humanity appears to be brimming to over flow capacity with many experts in various fields, all ensconced and happily circling within their own little orbits. Our failing is that we as a collective do not speak cleanly or clearly with one knowledgeable organically in tune sustaining voice. I believe that we the citizens of this earth should form an organization and name it the "Institute Of Sustainable Planetary Life" a body of study mandated specifically to understand what endurable cosmic being actually means. An organization to sift through all of our scientific findings and sort them into a life sustainable context.

We lack an agreed upon collective human vision. This planet alone is our true originator and maternal creator and literally is the genuine God or Goddess we seek to know. We should be worshiping it as such. Perhaps as we listen to the evolutionary bells that are now very loudly tolling we can conceive of a fresh new approach to our fundamental way of life, formulating a new beginning that is acutely aware of the finite extent and the profound respect for all things universal that is actually required to become a cosmically fulfilled planetary being.

In the end if it should turn out that we are truly on a down slide towards eventual self induced demise, cosmic evolution will be sentient life's only salvation. It is ambitious and relentless in its quest. It will keep on working throughout time to bring forth other newly evolved aware beings.

They will no doubt one day stand in amongst the crumbling decaying rubble of our long forgotten civilization. Hopefully these newly arrived evolutionary inspired beings will be acutely mindful as they bare unbelieving witness to the obvious careless apathy and arrogant belligerence we had for planetary life, they will no doubt ask themselves why this was allowed to occur.

Perhaps they might be intuitively moved into conceiving of a suitable more friendly worldly dominion. With any luck it will be rationalized around a more highly enlightened cosmically aware reality, one that hopefully will help these beings to emerge on this planet with a much firmer grasp of the organic certainty and intrinsic manifestation of life. Maybe they will be humbly and truly thankful to this planet for the gift of life, endless sustenance and tangible sentient reality, as we evidently are carelessly not.


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