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"Observations From A Death Bed"

My Father died over twenty years ago, he was about my age now, and was robbed of the last third of his life. He hung in there while we rushed to his bedside and I had a few moments alone with him before the blood gurgling suffocating end came and enveloped him. In typical male fumbling and seeming unavoidable awkwardness at emotional moments like this, I asked him flippantly more as an embarrassed gesture than anything else, were there any parting words of wisdom for me. His, for the most part, misunderstood creatively searching son. Someone who fights off and shuns any possible societal approval, and consequently is completely out of sight from those also living during his time.

He appeared to think about it for a few gasping breaths of a moment, then pushed aside the oxygen mask and in a weak trembling voice said this, as he reached out and grabbed my arm weakly and tried to maneuver himself as close as possible to my ear, "you might as well be as greedy as they all are; lie, cheat, and steal because everybody else is doing it".

Those were his parting words to me. Thoughts that were not really reflective of who he was as a person, they merely represented his frustration and what he had discovered life on this planet to be. He was an honourable man, someone like myself who just wanted things to be truthful decent and set right. In thinking about his words over the years, I can see now although at the time I did not, that he was right, and I wonder if he was far more profound than he actually meant to be. I never got to really talk with my Father, this person who gave me life on this blue green revolving isolated world in the middle of a universe of seemingly endless vacuous space, so much between us was simply left unsaid.

The greed he spoke of seems to drive most human actions; from fighting over petty possessions to the extent that our collective civilization is greedily consuming this planet at an unprecedented and devouring rate. Society has set itself up with the greed factor firmly entrenched; we do things for intellectually motivated greed induced ambition. We deceive ourselves regarding our disastrous global warming problems. Our politicians continually lie to us and yet we vote them back into office. Our religions, our sacred systems of faith, simply fabricate the truth and lie about the nature regarding this cosmic manifestation. Our mercantile industries continually falsify the true abilities of their products, and design them to be purposefully failure prone, or quickly obsolete. They also hide from us or simply disguise or obfuscate the truth about their planet destructive industrial work ethics.

However even without the human element this planet would still have its very contradictory sides. Our world, seems to be both truly amazing in its dimension and scope, a cosmic miracle of pure genuine creation and yet somehow incredibly brutal in its fundamental reality and primal organic formulation. The magnificence in nature and planetary abundance, with the marvellous interconnected symbiotic workings of the chlorophyll green living, and yet it is a constantly forever changing flora world realm. And then there is the brutal side with a thread of uncertainty that weaves itself in and throughout the organic fauna kingdom. A reality that is incredulously cruel with a matter of fact uncaring nature inherent in organic life. It is this dualistic nature of palpable existence that poses our most notable quest.

The cosmos is a place where both life and death can manifest suddenly out of nowhere and without the slightest warning. Such is the dualistic nature of this real world, the one that has existed for millennia, literally manifested into being many eons before sentient life in the stature of humanity, formally stepped out onto and literally took over the running of this world's main reality stage.

We human beings are literally a continually evolving raw evolutionary inspired organic creation, we have been formed and shaped in the manner of the dualistic nature that is inherent in the organic cosmic world. But we will never be considered mature and fully seasoned as a species until our inner reasoning core intuitive intelligence is equally blended with our more greedily driven intellectually founded baser instincts.

As I try and work out where and exactly how the pieces of a human verses planet puzzle fit together, I observe a civilization of beings that has no proper true underlying core based underpinnings to guide and nurture it. What is our relationship with this planet? Of course there is the quasi foundation that we did build our civilization upon, but that corner stone is a false intellectually unethical contrived and detached one, it is not something that is genuine and true that came forth from the inner most core of cosmic planetary aware existence.

Our civilization is in the process of continually stealing from the future of life on this planet to pay for today's extravagant excesses. We are literally stealing from this planet by clear cutting, killing off, or usurping and taking land away from much of its organically manifested wildlife. If they do come into civilization's range we will often kill them just for trespassing on now our land.

We steal from our life supporting biosphere by industrially raping and pillaging its forests, our evolutionarily designed and necessary functioning carbon sinks. We steal by strip mining the pristine landscape and are in the process of badly polluting its life critical biosphere. We are literally cheating the future of humanity and the planet's wild life out of having a safe place to live. And lastly we are ironically cheating ourselves out of living fulfilled cosmically inspired planetary lives that have meaning and are truly worthy of this life we have been granted.

What humanities collective intellect has rather crudely and without the slightest care of potential outcomes, grafted onto this once pristine cosmic realm, is nothing more than an artificially contrived completely detached manifestation of an industrially fabricated hollow deceptive existence. A false human driven incredibly harmful fossil fuel powered facade, forced onwards by our mercantile based self interests.

Everything existing on this planet functions within a framework of symbiotic interconnected harmony - even our contradictions. By using and combining our nurturing intuitive natures with our destructive intellectual impetuses, we tap into the delicate and intricate symbiotic balancing act of this planet's over arching evolutionary cosmically inspired framework.

Humanity has yet to learn that we should be closely connecting the dots between our rational intelligence and our intuitive inner guiding core foundation. Without this connection very strongly in place we are virtually doomed to face ultimate and irrevocable complete failure as an organic planetary species. We are the only life force alive on this planet that does not intermingle and mesh ourselves with the evolutionarily manifested reality.

The cosmos is thought by scientists to have been exploded, coming into being about fourteen thousand million years ago. Today our little solar system, the sun and planets exist as mere cosmic by-products, and we the sentient life here at this moment in time actually exist because of countless eons of evolutionary cosmic trial and error.

However, we humans continue to function and operate in the way of our human self centric imagining. Back in a time when a security blanket was more needed to protect against the utter emptiness of unknowing and when humanity was virtually ignorant of cosmic and planetary realities, we conjured up gods or goddesses. We let these imagined deities rule over our world, but they were simply the magnified reflected back images of ourselves; only these nonexistent saviours came back far more powerfully and redeeming in our minds.

We humans continually look outward, constantly searching the "heavens" for an all supreme all commanding being, when instead we should really be looking inward. That search inward seeking out the ultimate truth would have easily revealed the great deity that we are always searching to know.

We simply fail to realize or even acknowledge the fact that this little planet upon which we daily walk, run, play, work, and yes without even realizing defecate and urinate upon, has literally given us everything there is to have in this entire cosmos. It gave all of us our lives, it sustains us without complaint throughout that life, and finally without flinching accepts us back into itself once our sentient life force is completely spent.

We simply cannot accept that the simplest most down to earth explanation for life and the real quest we should seek to know, is literally the miracle of all life happening right beneath our very feet.

We are the eyes, ears, and intelligence of aware sentience evolved into being in this cosmos, and the manifested core creation of this little planet we call Earth. Yet we do not take into account that our entire human civilization was the culmination of millions of years of natural organic evolution, and that we are the aware cosmically induced manifestation of sentience presence on this planet. In fact other wildlife creatures have also highly evolved into what they are today under the same cosmic time honoured evolutionary caring.

There are many beings among us demeaned and mocked by modern civilization as merely "tribal" who are alive and scattered over the surface of this planet, and who live in some harmony and have great respect for this all life giving planetary mother. Sadly they are a minority. The fate of our entire civilization is already blowing on the polluted carbon warmed wind, our civilization whether we intellectually believe it or not is in extremely serious trouble. Our collective intuition is indicating to those who are listening that our civilization is doomed to fail on this planet, mainly due to human stupidity driven by insatiable greed.

The planet will be provoked into action by our continually flooding the biosphere with planet altering atmospheric pollution. So much so that the slumbering but even now disturbed planet will stir and awaken back to primal life, and will quickly call up its evolutionary henchmen after realizing the predicament that is occurring, it will then simply set about cleaning house and restructuring, then reformatting all future reality.

Tragically humanity is not a responsible planetary citizen, we are completely out of touch with the fundamental cosmic impetus to live in accordance with one's prime reality by only taking from this planet what we truly need to survive, not what our uncontrolled and misguided intellectual greed demands that we wilfully steal from it.

In the end laying on his death bed my father did provide me, his always misunderstood creatively searching son, with the guidance I was seeking. We are all greedy. We do all lie, cheat, and steal from this cosmos, from this planet our true mother, and lastly from ourselves this sentient human planetary civilization.

If there is a collective lesson to be learned by our civilization it is that we are this planet, and this planet is us. By harming the planet, we only harm ourselves.

If there is a collective lesson to be learned by the next incarnation of planetary beings to arrive on the scene, it will be to properly connect the dots between their intellectual capacities and their native intuitive intelligence, and strive to fully align both attributes with this planet's inner most core workings.

If there is a personal lesson to be learned, it is for each of us to know exactly who we are and what we have come from, and to find where and how to fit in, but to do it responsibly; then live out your life by respecting these core based intuitive insights.

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